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  1. Woot! yes, but as usual, we stay out of these forums mostly as it is mainly left for those that love howling in the mirror. and yes, we are still irrelevant....
  2. Congrats to our friends and allies over at NPO. hail Pacifica!
  3. Hello IYIyth, One NATOan still peaks in here, but the time of Bob and Cybernations has past. I am still friends with many who have left the game, some have gotten married and had kids even.(Tommyknocker!) It has run it's course, some of us are just sticking around to watch the whole sand castle wash away.... glad to see you are still doing well. ~Lenny
  4. Farewell to a great group of people. Had fun with you guys while it lasted and I will pass along to Tsayka your nice comment. have fun on your way out the door.
  5. It is over. Please make the next one sooner so I can wake up Anu more often...
  6. Thank you ODN an SLAP. Have fun. Who can Legion call in to help? None of them are in my range anymore except for a hippie! come on Legion allies!
  7. Funk loves a good bar fight... you guys have fun
  8. see you boys and girls real soon /picks up phone.....
  9. Found him rusted in the fields, but the engine still turned over. Thought it would be nice if he posted the DoW... Just a little reunion war with our friends at Invicta.
  10. For the love of Haf! charge...Anu tonights theme
  11. Missing me some Haf. ahhh the good ol' days...
  12. Congrats to FARK I came over on the green light but fell into another Aqua alliance. Thanks for bringing me to this world. I must say that this is the best thread in a looong time up in here. Here's to hopefully a good FAP signing!
  13. This is pretty low even for you IYIyth. Come out of PM, I have some friends who want to shake your hand.... /and the rest of your nation... //welcome back?
  14. You will always be a part of US so long to a great alliance. o7 R&R This AA is also under NATO and friends protection.
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