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  1. Woot! yes, but as usual, we stay out of these forums mostly as it is mainly left for those that love howling in the mirror. and yes, we are still irrelevant....
  2. nevermind Went

    I knew I'd figure it out once I asked.


  3. So CN loses another great asset over the foolishness and total lack of human decency presented by some despicable character. NATO will honor your request, but it saddens our hearts to see this type of thing done to you. take care and know that the nations of NATO have always held you in high regard as an example of an outstanding CN player. Look us up again someday. Take care, Lenny
  4. looking for professionals to deal with

  5. Like a good wine, you are aging well IYIyth. Good post
  6. Lenny N Karl


    That isn't you , it is just a myth. wb
  7. is setting his status

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