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  1. Garion

    The 'C' word

    Best of luck for a speedy recovery, I hope we'll hear great news soon. PS: you're not old, you're ancient.
  2. Fear? Sure. Boredom? Not at all. Coupled are a terrible combination, tho.
  3. I think fear and boredom have killed this game's FA
  4. Sovereignty, there's no need for more explanation. Communication with membership has always been seen as exclusive right of elected or appointed officials thanks to the membership belonging to a specific group with specific values and rules, and specific duties. One of those duties is loyalty, which is infringed by dealing with foreign entities as an individual and not as alliance representative.
  5. If I found out a foreign entity such an alliance was mass-messaging my alliance membership I would not hesitate to advocate war against them, not out of fear of losing members but rather because it is an infringement on my alliance's sovereignty. Poaching only affects those who are willing to be poached, though: if you lose members by the scores you should probably check out what's wrong with your own alliance.
  6. I dislike NG like every other man, but this says much about the quality of these "articles". If you had simply called them pieces of propaganda, they would have been fine.
  7. How to conveniently apply an analysis on the last 6 months of gameplay only... NpO only recently re-emerged from a long period of isolation. Also, wasn't Dave War a mistake on TOP and Umbrella's part?
  8. Garion


    Lack of energy and time were the only things that decided SF's fate.
  9. Nobody mentioned activity yet. Well, MT did.
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