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  1. As much as I usually believe that Junka is an utter idiot, he's right this time. Casualties have absolutely no bearing on how you perform in a war - just a metric that people use to wave around like a dick-waving contest.
  2. I thought the new big thing was to immediately sign MDoAPs and roll a vastly outnumbered force. Tsk tsk.
  3. I was unaware that Umbrella and AZTEC were still separate entities.
  4. Could be because you're the only one who subscribes to it anymore.
  5. I realize I'm late to this thread. Whatever. The problem with your argument is that it assumes that for those of us who play CN, the options are either stay here or play an entirely different genre of game altogether. That's plainly not the case, as there are alternatives with more thought-out mechanics and a greater attention to player needs and desires. I have no attachment to CN other than the community that has been established here and the history built here. If the first of those were to leave, I would have no issue following it.
  6. It's like Donald Trump, David Duke, and Junka had a kid.
  7. I'd have to concur, LPH has a monopoly on political force in this world. Lol
  8. I think you underestimate the ill will your alliance has garnered over the years.
  9. Congrats to Fark and MHA. I'm going to enjoy this vicariously through you.
  10. Interesting you would gloat like that considering you did literally nothing to contribute to this war but continue to annoyingly remind people of your existence.
  11. Well, when the only publicly active members of this community have a cumulative IQ of 17, you're gonna see some stupid !@#$.
  12. Given that Christianity is an available religion on Bob, one would assume he has already come once. If I'm good for nothing else, I'm at least good for that.
  13. I doubt Bob will see the second coming of Christ, but we have the next best thing.
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