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  1. Well, when the only publicly active members of this community have a cumulative IQ of 17, you're gonna see some stupid !@#$.
  2. In a literal sense, it's not the R&R of yestersecond, either. :|
  3. Could've sworn we had an ODoAP with Non Grata.
  4. I seriously don't think anyone cares enough for there to be tension within Oculus - not that I would know, I'm inactive to the point that I'm pretty sure I just went into inactivity mode. If the goal is (as I think was mentioned in the bloc's DoE thread somewhere) to leave this game on top, I imagine they'd let petty squabbles fall to the wayside. In addition, that's a pretty well-tied-together bloc. Lots and lots of individual treaties across pretty much all the members. But what do I know? :|
  5. Congrats, friend. I'm sure this is equally exciting news for the family!
  6. WarriorSoul

    The 'C' word

    Best of luck, Daj. I know we're all hoping for your speedy recovery.
  7. This blog is pretty much the only reason to visit the OWF at all right now.
  8. Just remember that your OOC friends don't necessarily have to be your IC friends. Friends across the web isn't a bad thing.
  9. Name it Pandora, so when you clean the litter box, you're cleaning Pandora's Box.
  10. We've sacrificed new virgin souls to the recruiting gods.
  11. We have sovereign rights over your soul, according to the blood pact signed with Kem before he retired. You're ours and there's nothing you can do about it. :|
  12. We post a .55 score gain and DBDC still one-ups it. Screw you guys. :|
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