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  1. Your nation so swole brah

  2. Omg Chimey answered questions from a guy people try to make fun of. Let me !@#$%* and moan for three pages!
  3. With the possible exception of Polar (twice), who has ever had the sword above them and was able to get it off? I always thought "if everyone is gunning for me I'd just hit them all immediately and get it over with". It seems pointless to just wait for it to drop. I guess TOP kind of done that, but they actually thought theh could win, that doesn't count.
  4. Nice to see what you think these days, Rush. Even though it's still hard for me to read these opinions and connect them to the guy I used to talk to daily. Can't wait to see all the hate towards Argent.
  5. Cool send me a FB request and I'l send you an underarm picture. Play your cards right and I might give you a shot with some hair too
  6. I get your point, but there have always been gaps in communication sometimes. I don't think this is a new thing. Of course, you know that. What always used to piss me off was when people were coming to me swearing my allies were going to do something and I'd tell them they were insane they would have told me. Then last minute here comes someone letting me know what they're ablut to post. Because that means they told someone just not you.
  7. Wow, I'm a little surprised at the consistency of the content of his posts about you over the years. Also, does your fan club archive every post about you? Or did it take hours and hours to find all those posts?
  8. Yea, I think people forget what was going on at the time The Carter 3 was realesed. At the time it was hailed as a breathe of fresh air.
  9. Eminem wasafraid that Lil Wayne and Kanye West would tear him to pieces a few years ago, so I doubt he would be doing any tearing at all.
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