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  1. Your nation so swole brah

  2.   I'm having fun AND calling you guys out. It's always fun to pull back the curtain and reveal just how terrible someone really is.   Behold the great and powerful NP-Oz. 
  3. You're obviously a terrible shot. You hit TPF.
  4. You didn't simply shake hands and part ways. You both walked opposite directions, and NPO took ten steps turned around and fired.
  5. I'll admit I have no knowledge of last war, but 4 weeks is a fairly long time for a CN war. If they weren't committed they would have pulled out a week in like I've seen certain alliances do. No one that is uncommitted stays for a full four weeks. In any case, that does not undo the years that TPF put in to defend you guys.
  6. They question isn't "can" an alliance do something. It is "should". Surely you don't believe an alliance that burns for you for the majority of this world's existence should be tossed aside like a dirty tampon do you?
  7. Omniscient1

    TIR DoW

    I see some friends up there. Good luck
  8. Pull ourself out of what mess? Our leadership is fine. We have Oculus right where we want them being hammered by our nukes. Again I'd rather be doing what I want than being a candidate for betrayal any day. At least MI6 know our allies aren't about to target us for destruction. That's not to say there aren't respectable alliances in Oculus. The alliances and people that I like there know who they are and I hope they make it out of there ok.
  9. I think the folks in Oculus know NPO will take out allies of it's expedient. I mean they've done it continuously for years. This is just another chapter that includes VE, FAN, Polar,STA, Invicta, Legion, and if you want to really push the issue everyone in equilibrium. Solution- just never follow NPO's impulsive whims. MI6 knows Oculus hates us. Envy will make you hate alliances with balls if you have none. I can't speak for my other alliance mates but I don't fucking care. I'd rather be awesome and do what I want than a pansy ass backstabbing alliance.
  10. Omniscient1

    Selling Tech

    I'm looking to sell tech. I'm an extremely reliable seller. Willing to sell at the standard rate.
  11. Omniscient1

    Oculus Decree

    Although you've usually been on the opposite side of things; you've always been a straight talker. Kudos to you. O/
  12. Omniscient1

    Oculus' Second Decree

      Maybe having Caitlyn inside begging to get out was just too much for him to make literate statements?   Apparently that's what people do these days. This is the first time I've seen anyone make the biggest bloc in CN and be too ashamed to name their fellow conspirators. They didn't learn anything from 09. :facepalm:
  13. Omniscient1

    Oculus Decree

    Yo wasup IAT? Do you really believe these "just because" DoWs, which have become so popular post-MK's preempt of NPO way back when, is the way to go when you want to believe your "opponent deserves it"?