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  1. Helbrecht

    The Rebbilon

    Kitty dog is the chief of all spies!!!
  2. can you help meĀ 

    i am poor and i need atleats five million help me plz

  3. Helbrecht

    Aliens get out!

    that does not matter in the least. After-all, its what happens in this world, that is of importance, other stuff is just meh.
  4. Life is a series of changes old friend, some happen, some you make happen. Will catch up someday and fill you in.
  5. i hate cellphones with a passion. My stint at corporate life left me feeling tethered, collared and leashed. At the beck and call of the world just because i needed a mobile phone, no a "smartphone" to be of use to my customers and colleagues. Nothing quiet like having you Sunday afternoon perambulation through some choice woodland shattered by the peals or the buzz of a phone eagerly demanding your attention so that you can engage in some conversation which is mostly banal. So, do i have a cellphone today, yes i do. Do i need it for work... not really. Do i want to have one handy, yes it has its uses. I just do not receive calls from people/entities i do not know. I personally like being able to to check up on the weather forecast as it can tell me whether it is the right time to risk sowing/transplantation. It is also handy as it lets me respond to my buyers during the day when i am not at the house. For the missus and kids to talk to me while i am out on the land, we use the two way radios. I do wear a wristwatch. It is the first thing my dad bought with his earnings back in the day and it was a graduation present to me.
  6. I for one have enjoyed this game. Thanks.
  7. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing the experience.
  8. Helbrecht

    Its gettin hot in here

    Twas not my car. Belonged to the reviled lady battleaxe in accounts.
  9. Helbrecht

    Its gettin hot in here

    2330 in todays papers. Monsoon has been delayed. Should have hit the south eastern coast couple weeks ago. Now we hear it should arive on 3rd June. The roads are deserted. Car airconditioners are useless. Home cooling is barely effective. Those without cooling... god save them. Also i got a heat induced nosebleed yesterday. You know how rare it is for us to !@#$%* about the heat? Night time temp here one day last week was 41C. Its all that concrete and tarmac giving off what it stored away during the day. The old joke about frying an egg on a car roof, well turns out its possible, only not very sanitary and leaves a mark on the car.
  10. Helbrecht

    Its gettin hot in here

    April and May have been killer months for us Indians, literally. The death toll is at 500 and counting. Not a large number but then it is the cause that is depressing, we are undergoing a heat wave that has lasted most of two months now. The place i live in has recorded its highest ever temperature so far in May, 43 C was common enough for us in the summer but this year we have touched 45C and gone beyond it a bit. In certain parts of the country people have been dropping like flies, mainly those engaged in manual labor out int he fields and mines. A jogger collapsed while i watched yesterday and a high flying business executive walked off an air liner out into the sun and fell dead. Weather, has gone loco it would seem. Earlier days of April we were all !@#$%*ing about how unseasonal and early rains were no good and the mango harvest would be ruined. Now we be all pleading for a shower. got to go now, need a shower.
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