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  1. A tip o the old hat to Feanor and NL. Fair winds, TOP.
  2. Oh poop! For the first time in what feels like eons something akin to a stirring of the blood was felt. Only for it to turn out that the icey joes quashed any need of rushing to Avalanche's side citing "old time's sakes"
  3. What is this "culture" that is so different from the other alliances? There is meeting place for members to record messages and for others to respond? There are some regulars and a larger number of irregulars at this meeting place? There are leaders with fancy tags at this meeting place? People aid each other or sell their national resources? Some folk talk too much, while some can't be arsed to open their mouth? Wake up dolt. All you did was a me too. Oh and if your own behaviour is something to go by, you can take the culture, and stuff it.
  4. Yah, you forgot the claim to being a primary drive behind the formation of the NSO... And being the one bright spark in the history of miniluv.
  5. Their evil knows no bounds!!! Send them aid, with troops.
  6. USSROK may brag about anything, that's neither here nor there. Unless the Emperor says something, its not beyond reproach, go read your Polar again. Also lol@ Polar no longer needing you. Bubba, Polar needs no one but Polar, that's the truth of these alliances that have been to hell and back, umpteen times with their head held high. The fact remains that the entire game knew you were getting your ass cancelled on. That is why some of us always hated having too many treaties, it takes the element of surprise out of the geopolitical arena. Hell it could have been an ally of SLAP who heard from their ally, who was allied to me, who was in turn allied to Polar. Oh i know, it has forever been a weakness of mine, talking to this one, trying to make him see the light. Many have said it will be my downfall eventually.
  7. You apparently, cant read very well with your head stuck up where it is. Those spiky green things on the pineapples, watch out, they can put an eye out! Lets just leave it at that shall we?
  8. You did not have a clue back then and i can see you don't have one now. Being in Polar you had no clue of what made Polaris tick. Flitting about from half assed thought to half assed brain fart like a ditzy gadfly. It was difficult to decide if it was depressing or hilarious, the multiple and ever increasing in severity slapdowns you received in the forums. After the first couple of times it would have been clear to even a bent penny that you were never going to get Polaris. Now about your so called glory days of being a buffer between Polaris and anything? Dream on, if it were not for the goodwill of Dajobo... you never would have had that treaty. Hell it was that very goodwill that kept you from being tarred and feathered and then driven out sitting backward on a donkey from the polar ice caps, for the longest of times. Elsewhere you mention that Polaris went about spreading the news of the cancellation to your adversaries while being still allied? Get a clue will you? That is called good FA, keeping your allies in the know about your upcoming diplomatic developments and plans. It is sort of part and parcel of being allied, sharing pertinent information. Those allies in turn practice good FA as well.. By the time the post was made, everyone and their momma would have known. Some even had the good grace to act surprised (albeit pleasantly) at the announcement when it was formally made. Oh and that last little bit about idealism and tyranny... pfah, you still don't know your Polar.
  9. Yay! Pineapples!!! Hello denizens of the BR... Godspeed.
  10. Forums... need forums. Discord... bleh.
  11. Who still owe me aid under the Germanization Program. Those were heady days indeed, what two weeks in the game and put on a ZI list?
  12. i think i first came in just as the Woodstock Massacre was ending/ended.
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