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  1. I'm always lurking in the shadows 👻
  2. Final Official Announcement from The Order of the ParadoxDisbandment Hear me, hear me, the great lands of Cybernations. I come to thee with a very saddening announcement. While I don't expect with any of you to remember me, I imagine that The Order of the Paradox alliance will leave many of you puzzled as well. Some of you might wonder, TOP who? I understand that we haven't been active in some time now. But man, did we have some good wars in the past. No words could do this alliance and its history justice. It was an amazing community that gave me a feeling of home away from home. But like many great empires, TOP's chapter is about to end. But I'd like to think it has made its own mark in history (at least of CN). Paradoxians are proud people. But proud in good way. We're proud where we came from, what we achieved, and what we carried over to other games and (*gasp*) real world. Our CN record started with a group of people who came from another gaming community - Paradox Interactive. We went on to build a legacy of our own. The Order of the Paradox proudly flew its flag on May 18, 2006. *tips hat* Our founders - Avernite, Gustav II Adolf, Mezzo, and Zanza - have lead the alliance into being a major force and defender of Orange color. Our first treaty came to fruition in November 2006, when we signed the "Non-Treaty Treaty" with the New Pacific Order. This was TOP's first and for a very long time, only, MDP (excluding multilateral treaties). So shout-out to our first friend, NPO. We have a long history of wars. The first was during Great War II. We did pretty well, let me tell you. Then came Great War III, Continuum-GPA, War of the Coalition, and many more. 2009 was probably the peak for our alliance. After the Karma War, TOP ascended to the #1 spot in alliance nation strength and alliance score. Throughout those wars and peace times, TOP has remained loyal to one goal - building a community that has stronger bonds than any political agendas. I want to give a special shoutout to other of our long standing friends, IRON, with whom we defended the Orange sphere and fostered a great friendship. While Orange has been our founding base, we had moved to the more Pinker grass in 2011. Throughout later chapters of TOP's book, I would like to special mention MK for being our friend and Umbrella for taking us under your umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh. I'll be honest, I haven't played an active part of TOP since 2012. And I am sure I have missed out a lot of events that came after. But I would like to share below some quotes from Paradoxians - what this alliance and the game meant to them. At the end of the day, this alliance has always been about the people. Our book isn't over, just one of the chapters. Until then - Long Live Paradoxia. Yours truly, ex Grand Mistress of the Order. Signed by the remaining Paradoxians, Planet Earth Lum L Lumwood SinOfNemesis Yir Yoronti AvengerNL Feanor Noldorin Lunchbox Denis McGrath Marcus Aurelius jesse james themadstork Power hormones74 Shardoon P. S. Any Paradoxian and all good friend of Paradoxians should come join us on Discord and reminisce the glory days: https://discord.gg/UpvgQX2).
  3. I have no idea how I got involved in this lol
  4. Are you really the one to lecture about reaping and sowing, cj? I am not sure whether to laugh or just feel sad that you are the one lecturing us about this.
  5. This is a sad day. I really enjoyed working with VOC and especially you Rhizo, too. It's a sad day when a great alliance ceases to shine.
  6. [quote name='Omniscient1' timestamp='1328999082' post='2918611'] Congrats to Megamind and Skygreenchick. Unfortunately, they're the only ones I know up there. [/quote] You know the important ones [quote name='autosave36' timestamp='1329003662' post='2918650'] I approve of all the skygreenchick in this announcement. o/ TOP[/quote] [quote name='HellAngel' timestamp='1329004999' post='2918663'] Sky is GH? We're all doomed.[/quote] At least it'll be a sexy doom
  7. There is a reason why I always liked VOC and esp you Rhizo
  8. I think I will slap myself later for what I am about to say....but why not. I actually agree with Vlad for once. What has the world come to be?
  9. This is really sad to see. You have been a great friend and I hope whatever you do in your life will turn out the way you want it. Drop by IRC and say hi from time to time.
  10. [quote name='Richard Rahl' timestamp='1307740799' post='2728796'] Thank you to Timberland and Sky for their great service to TOP and congrats to the new Heptagonals (Sky )! [/quote] What can I say, I can't fully retire. I have to keep y'all in check [quote name='Omniscient1' timestamp='1307740818' post='2728800'] hmmm I like Skygreenchick so I'll say congrats. [/quote] Thanks! [quote name='WalkerNinja' timestamp='1307748068' post='2728853'] Death to the Blue Colony! Oh, sorry, wrong announcement. Thanks for all of the hard work (especially SkyGreenChick). Former Grand Chancellor was a layabout whoever he was... [/quote] Thanks. It was an interesting 10 months in IA. It feels good to be retired. Our new line up looks great. Thank you to Timberland for his work.
  11. About time this treaty was signed. IRON VOC (except NAH )
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