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  1. Mompson

    Rey Ban Vision

    Ah, very nice. For the most part, that's the kind of rap I do enjoy.
  2. Mompson

    Rey Ban Vision

    "Music is a wonderful tool to finding happiness." Very true. I'm not a huge fan of rap, but I'll check out some of your stuff.
  3. That was running into the kicker. They didn't say that's why the kick was missed. Running into the kicker is going to get called every time.
  4. It'll also be nice to see in future cases if those "legitimate wars" are actually such, or just CM a week war slot filling.
  5. Mompson

    Stats ITB: 1

    Will you show the change over time when you do update it? That would be great.
  6. I like the first. I don't like flags that mimic real ones. Just my personal preference though.
  7. Works fine with me. Just on older computers it tends to lag.
  8. I truly wish that people would operate on the premise that ODPs are essentially held with everyone, by everyone. Any alliance has the right to defend anyone they want. You think the CB is BS? Get in there and do something about it. It's just a shame that many alliances will go against their morals or personal views just to chain in and please whoever may be leading the coalition.
  9. Even the thread about not derailing threads toward TOP v.s. NpO has derailed to such...
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