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New Polar Order Declaration of War


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New Polar Order Declaration of War

Many months ago it was bought to my attention that the New Sith Order and Non Grata had commenced building a coalition to attack us. When I asked around I was assured this was not the case. Over the following weeks and months I had more and more people tell it me it was true and then some logs leaked of them approaching TOP to join them. The logs are unremarkable except for three points.

Caustic was NG high Government at the time.
Caustic identified Dilber as the person behind this plot.
There was no CB, it was purely an aggressive action against the New Polar Order.

For your enjoyment and information I have included an edited portion of the logs. The full unedited versions are easily found though for those who are interested.

[19:13] <@caustic> The Polar Question
[19:15] <&Centurius> What timeframe are we looking at here?
[19:15] <@caustic> unless we pull our shit together and shit stomp those shitsphere morons like the retarded squealing children that they are
[19:15] <@caustic> I'd like to shoot for fall
[19:16] <@caustic> oct maybe

[19:19] <@caustic> no, right now NG/NSO are pushing things behind the scenes
[19:19] <&ncc> If we have the coalition together though
[19:19] <&ncc> then there is no reason we can't just roll out anyway.
[19:19] <&ncc> It's a community standards thing. Those guys need to learn their place
[19:19] <&ncc> namely under our foot.
[19:20] <@caustic> the cb is never the problem
[19:20] <@caustic> those aren't hard to invent/ignore
[19:20] <&ncc> It's really a minor problem.
[19:20] <@caustic> its all about finding a few good men
[19:20] <@caustic> and a just cause
[19:20] <&ncc> Getting the lines beforehand is the task in hand really.
[19:21] <~Yevgeni> What do you see as problems, then?
[19:21] <~Yevgeni> ANd ideally, where would you want the war to start?
[19:21] <@caustic> Dilber is the master of that
[19:21] <@caustic> this push is his baby


In mid July Rayvon confirmed on the OWF that the intentions had not changed.

I thought it was pretty clear what we want, I thought it's been pretty clear for a couple years what we want. Our chance to have at your nations. Which, win or lose one way or another, we will get.


So Dilber, Rayvon and all of NSO...
Here is the war you wanted, and at the time you chose! I hope you enjoy it as much as we will.

TLDR: The New Polar Order declares war on the New Sith Order.







You will wait at minimum ten days to start this war so I at least have my MP.

Just for you Varianz.

Thanks D34th for the artwork in this announcement.

Please note: We have a list of your members and anyone who joins during war may be regarded as rogues who will need to seek their own individual peace at the conclusion of this war.

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I guess Rayvon is in PM so he can say that he didn't get a chance at our nations three years from now.


Anyway, maybe this time NSO will realize that they really should keep their mouths shut.  I thought Legion had showed you guys, but apparently not.

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