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  1. Very sad to see this, it really marks the end of an era in my view. o/ DK
  2. Biggest surprise of this whole thread IMO. o/ DT o/ WWF Until the end of days!
  3. I think DT members would have been quite happy to take BONES all the way down every tier, we don't have enough targets up high... kind of bored.
  4. Hi This discussion is not funny enough, so I thought I'd contribute by seeing what our old mate Piejonk is up to. :popcorn:
  5. Of course this gets announced when I'm on holidays. o/ Oculus Didn't think it would happen, but then it did - wadayaknow?
  6. Not enough names from that DT alliance IMO o/ All around
  7. Oh the buttmad Your opinion only. Nobody cares what you think, or to clarify it further, we and anyone we care about do not care what you think. The only thing null here is your comment. So enjoy being buttmad while we're having fun.
  8. Bob is clearly trying to compensate :ehm:
  9. Holy crap man you still play?!?!?!?!?! Hit me up !!!
  10. Congrats to a good new (or continuing) government.
  11. I for one applaud WTF for putting up a fight, it's been quite the fun war - and I hope it continues for a bit yet. There's certainly no problem in any of this, in fact this is the best outcome. If only more alliances had a backbone, this would be way less boring.
  12. I was talking on a nation level; not on an alliance level.
  13. Many of the top nations have had NAPs and other arrangements for many many years, this is nothing new.
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