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  1. Perhaps...but who remembers GOONS or GOONs or whatever anymore anyway?
  2. I've been hovering between 25-35 for years....
  3. We did ok for a bit...here and there...but yeah for the most part yes your observations are correct. It takes a certain amount of bitterness to point it out at every turn however.... GATO screwed NAAC when you led them. You are entitled. I get it. We've apologized. We do regret it. I feel it is probably the worst mistake we ever made. If you want to hold onto it...that is your prerogative. GATO has never really held much interest in the "big picture" since the GW Era. Mostly due to overcompensating for previous mistakes and being overly cautious in our actions and who can blame us?
  4. Damn... you're still bitter after a decade?
  5. Yeah I say once 7 people hit a billion NS they all declare on each other. Highest Damage given to taken ratio wins and we call it.
  6. Number of Soldiers Lost: 7,057,137 Attacking + 8,991,027 Defending = 16,048,164 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #34 of 5,067 Nations (Top 0.67%)
  7. Number of Soldiers Lost: 6,911,589 Attacking + 8,734,130 Defending = 15,645,719 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #37 of 5,085 Nations (Top 0.73%)
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