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  1. Ha they used to be called NpPO or was it NPpO... Meh...
  2. magicninja

    Da WAE

    Hmmmm...well...more than they are....
  3. magicninja

    Da WAE

    We still exist....you know....for one.
  4. magicninja

    Da WAE

    Perhaps...but who remembers GOONS or GOONs or whatever anymore anyway?
  5. magicninja

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    I've been hovering between 25-35 for years....
  6. magicninja

    Da WAE

    We did ok for a bit...here and there...but yeah for the most part yes your observations are correct. It takes a certain amount of bitterness to point it out at every turn however.... GATO screwed NAAC when you led them. You are entitled. I get it. We've apologized. We do regret it. I feel it is probably the worst mistake we ever made. If you want to hold onto it...that is your prerogative. GATO has never really held much interest in the "big picture" since the GW Era. Mostly due to overcompensating for previous mistakes and being overly cautious in our actions and who can blame us? (See GATO v 1V...) buuuuuuut....hey we're still around and content to let whoever play their little political games and just joining in to fight whoever, whenever, if a friend asks for some needed help. It certainly keeps me entertained enough to collect my taxes now and then.
  7. magicninja

    Da WAE

    Damn... you're still bitter after a decade?
  8. magicninja

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    Yeah I say once 7 people hit a billion NS they all declare on each other. Highest Damage given to taken ratio wins and we call it.
  9. magicninja

    Recognition of Hostilities

    5 years ago....yeah. Now...pfft. What's the point of doing either....really.
  10. magicninja

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Sorry forgot I was still ruling a nation....but yeah an indecisive war would be nice. Curbsomps on either side are no fun. NADC couldn't get the backing for a curbstomp against Polar...maybe they might get enough scraps together to make it interesting before too many more nations dissolve...but unlikely.
  11. magicninja

    Recognition of Hostilities

    At this point? it would be a lot more fun.......
  12. magicninja

    Recognition of Hostilities

    One time in all my years has someone really played their cards right, or wrong depending on your perspective, and flipped the script against the powers that be like that. Once. in over a decade man.
  13. magicninja

    Recognition of Hostilities

    I defended being tied to them to half our membership that no longer wanted anything to do with them. Not any more though. The hell with them. Their !@#$%^&* has steadily gotten worse to the point I don't feel like pretending they are just misunderstood mischievous children anymore. They're just anuses. The whole lot. Some of them I could tolerate and even like because they were funny while doing it. It's why I could be pals with a lot of NG. Pacifica at least pretends to be civilized but then turns a blind eye to this kind of nonsense. Polar has always been a crap show that is just using up everyone else's power to be a bunch of !@#$%bags. I don't see how the better alliances in Oculus don;t cut them off like the infection they are. Whatever. I'm not anyone any more if I ever was. Just tell me who to nuke when the time comes. I'm gonna go take a nap.
  14. magicninja

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Well I'm officially tired of defending Oculus.... AlmightyGrub is a giant piece of !@#$. Anyone backing him or any of his petty !@#$%^&* is guilty by association. Period.