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  1. I'm also curious who is the teets.
  2. Yeah maybe I should have tried with Ragnorok as much as I did with Athens during my years in influence....sorry about that Hoo.
  3. Didn't even know that was still a thing....was it ever big? I played a round or 2 back in ought-8...even then when it was new it never seemed like more than a tiny fraction of SE got involved.
  4. Yeah it did... I used to love a good war... I slept throught whatever this last thing was.
  5. This was better with TOOL and FEAR....js.
  6. I said I was sorry 12 years ago Grub...damn bro...as I recall NAAC was one of those allies that cost Bob its soul....maybe I'm getting old too... Then if it weren't for GATO...who would you have had to hold your petty grudge against all these years? Let it go brother....now you're just acting like I used to.
  7. Only war I seen in my day as bad or worse was the old TPF-Athens/Ragnorak blue ball war....
  8. To be fair it was a bit more lively back then.
  9. That's so Karma War man...
  10. Yeah but weasling takes effort and I am already in my pajamas...
  11. You take one 6 year long nap....smdh... I must have missed a few things...
  12. Welll.....!@#$e..
  13. Wait....who? Tell me about these alliances.
  14. Some things never change...
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