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  1. Story sounds familiar.........but you come to relish the fight.
  2. Yeah ask Legion how bad off GATO is..... Oh and I wouldn't expect Umb to give a !@#$ about us considering we don't really care for them much either.
  3. magicninja

    War Stories

    I've never really lost anything special like these guys. Never been big enough to lose that kind of NS and have been lucky (or smart) in my opponent selection. I have over 10 million casualties though.
  4. Hey I was just trying to help. Though I guess most people don't like being told tbey're wrong. We never declared on RnR or DB4D. That is a fact. It is a fact that they officially declared war on us....In private sure but they did it all the same. So if you guys want to delude yourselves further go ahead. You make yourselves look like ignorant fools.
  5. When? Like I said your chart is crap.
  6. Not really. Either way this is incorrect anyway. Their nations hit ours first so we asked their gov if they were declaring war and they said sure. Now, if you want to look at it like GATO declared on everyone because of the EQ attack one attack all policy...then there should be a lot more GATO pips up there. Also NG pips and TLR pips....See? This is inaccurate and whoever created it should be ashamed for peddling false information.
  7. Yeah and DB4D and RnR still hit GATO. Your chart sucks.
  8. DB4D and R&R declared on GATO, not the other way around. They hit first and we spoke to their gov who said yeah sanctioned war attack. So we just were nice and posted their DoW for them.
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