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  1. I'm still trying to figure out when Invicta stopped being a "!@#$ alliance" and started being an alliance who could form coalitions and challenge not only NPO, but Oculus. Any help on this?
  2. When did Invicta become such a good, influential alliance to where we could build coalitions again?
  3. Sorry when I meant any other time of the treaty, I was referring to the ODoAP, and the entire time from when I originally joined Invicta and was MoIA in 2009 to it was cancelled in 2012 I think it was.
  4. It was downgraded before the break down, it was cancelled after the breakdown. The official reason given to me (I was the leader at the time) was the ole "Communication" line. However, our communication had been higher in the previous 3-6 months than it had been during any other time of the treaty. We had multiple government (Including you Haflinger I think and myself) over at their forums and I talked to JudgeX every time I saw he was online. Invicta gov was specifically told what Thrash is accusing by a former TPF gov member after he left TPF and joined Invicta a few months to a year later.
  5. I have to say that I'm quite confused lol
  6. Since Kashmir has been parading around discussing how "Invicta wasted no time promising in private that this would be a four month long engagement" I thought I would discuss this a little since I am the one promising it would be 4 months long. Sir William didn't want to log dump me because it would make him look like an idiot. Below are the logs where we "promised that this would be a 4 month long engagement." Session Start: Mon Nov 24 00:44:51 2014 Session Ident: SirWilliam 01[00:44:52] <12Nascar8FanGA> Hi [00:45:16] <SirWilliam> hello 01[00:45:33] <12Nascar8FanGA> Just wanting to wish Kashmir luck in our little war :) [00:46:16] <SirWilliam> i'm guessing more like our skirmish :v 01[00:46:27] <12Nascar8FanGA> that'd be a better way to describe it atm 01[00:46:28] <12Nascar8FanGA> lol 01[00:46:55] <12Nascar8FanGA> But I'm sure we'll trade plenty of nukes in the next like 4 months [00:48:00] <SirWilliam> heh, i guess after SUN finishes rolling over we will be 01[00:48:32] <12Nascar8FanGA> Once I get nuked down a little lower I'll make sure to get a few wars with you guys Session Close: Mon Nov 24 01:14:06 2014 If you notice I said "like 4 months" which could be anywhere from 3-5. But I mean lets be honest. It's not like Invicta has been in one or two, four month long wars in the past several years to base this off handed comment while telling Kashmir good luck.
  7. Yeah lol, we really need to sign a NAP or something. I mean the first time was fun, the second time was cool, now it's just like GATO... Again..? :P
  8. Except you specifically listed their treaties as reasoning for your declaration of war. Not a recognition of hostilities of one rogue nation.
  9. Wait. Wasn't the reason Umbrella, Sengoku, and DoD attacked TSC was because they were "attacking NPO" ? So, because of this announcement NPO obviously did not see that there was a state of war between TSC and NPO. Am I getting this right?
  10. Invicta Declaration of War Per Aftermath and Blazin Saddles Pact 2.0 Invicta hereby declares war on Kashmir and Haflinger. I mean err Kashmir and The Javahouse League. Ellis - President Learz - Vice President President Gunn - Chief of Staff xR1 Fatal Instinct - Minister of Foreign Affairs Jon32492 - Minister of Internal Affairs KingWilliam - Minister of Finance Contra - Minister of War
  11. Go go 'em DS!!! Etc etc Hope you have fun with a sucky target!!! etc etc Duh, and if not I can always provide you with one. Hi Bern :) Invicta is much worse than MI6. We shall require them to spend a night with Jorost and I :)
  12. I'm the best at drunk FA. o/ SNX o/ Invicta o/ Aftermath
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