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  1. Late to the thread, but I want to express my sadness. R&R was great, will miss you a lot guys, even if we weren't in touch for a while. RAWR!
  2. As long as you bring some rum and wenches with you
  3. First of all, I hate this war, because I love Smurth and Lulu (yeah, gay, I know). I may hate this war, but I chuckled because of the picture of both guys above in sticks Don't dare me while I'm having tequila u_u Anyways, good luck guys, have fun and share the rum!
  4. You can do much better than this Fark. I'm talking about having Smontag in govt :P P.S. I like this very much.
  5. Hail war! This peace time lasted so long that I thought the world would end before the peace time, sad times indeed. o/ Polaris!
  6. Man, I love you, but you know this makes no sense. If BONES hadn't post his ultimatum, Oculus would have outright rejected any peace offer from MInc (not saying MInc was asking for peace, cause it seems they didn't), strategic gain or not.
  7. DALEKS how you dare to steal WD from under our nose? :mad: Sigh, blue balls it is for us then. Good luck to both sides burn stuff.
  8. I find it funny that you left OP out of the competent alliances, seems like your vitriol blinds your judgement to a point where you can ignore that OP is one of the best alliances in TE, and that if they were outnumbered it doesn't mean they were hand tied. It is funny to see that you think of yourself like some sort of politics+war mastermind, and seems like you feel that anyone not acting like you foresee is 'sinning' in some way. If we had bundled TPC+OP you'd be crying even more hysterically about how we choose to do that as lap dogs of TAv, only to prevent said two alliances from rolling that 3rd alliance that seems to steal so much sleep from you. We did take longer than most alliances before declaring war, but so did TPC and OP, and I don't see you applying the same names to them as you do to us, and that thing alone shows how much you are not interested in fair wars, or having fun, or even creating actual FA strategies, but only in rolling TAv, which in my opinion, is a lame goal as a main goal in life.
  9. Heh, in turn you too will learn why treaties are useless in this version of the game, as the SKARO and many other rookie alliances have done in the past. Meanwhile, have fun!
  10. Can we just keep the madness of the SE treaty web out of TE? If we start creating blocks and/or spheres we will end up having global wars each 3 rounds here too. The horror! That aside, happy hunting everyone.
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