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  1. Warm fuzzy flashbacks of big fluffy infra stacks. Godspeed Stewie.
  2. The game ended years ago, just nobody turned out the lights and played the "go home" music. Roll IRON.
  3. Y'all have too many treaties that have lasted too long for no reason. Cancel a couple and then start a conflagration. Also lol this is still here
  4. Well, I can only hope everybody else is slacking off on communications. We won't be and I'd love for it to become another powerful advantage in our pockets
  5. I've been making rounds (or getting/letting/slacking until Cent or Sal do it) telling allies whenever we even get the idea of signing a treaty with somebody. My little birds tell me this isn't exactly a unique practice, even if there are clear holes throughout CN. I think the problem is more evident with cancellations. People rarely cut ties on "good terms" anymore, if they ever did. Treaties don't fall until there is not a single hook left to hang it on. So when cancellation comes around, the one or both of the alliances probably (1) dislike the other, possibly intensely and/or (2) calcu
  6. Peeko did it and had a helluva fun time crushing all opposition down there.
  7. I like GW3 simply because I got to declare eternal war on somebody and got away with it. BiPolar was staggering in its twists and in the sheer intensity of combat between C&G and TOP/IRON.
  8. Wait, when did you wind up in charge of TPF? I must have missed that memo or somebody's been goofing with the wiki. I'm not sure why you would be upset if NPO stuck aggressively to clearly defined goals, achieved those goals, and then sued to end the war--to the benefit of your [i]mutual allies[/i] across the no man's land in C&G. Setting aside all the fluff about what GATO did or didn't do that was brought up earlier in the thread, would you have preferred a longer war at their (and INT's) expense?
  9. What the hell does GATO's intrinsic quality as an alliance have to do with IRON dropping NPO?
  10. While not my favorite treaty in the world, it's a foreseeable outcome and a fine enough match. Hope y'all have fun together.
  11. I don't really want to be in TOP gov't, but hell if they didn't drag me here kicking and screaming. I does what needs doing.
  12. Bold move Cotton; let's see how it plays. I'll take lead on this. Rsox, Farrin--clubhouse in 30 minutes. Bring condoms and Random Access Memories.
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