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  1. Warm fuzzy flashbacks of big fluffy infra stacks. Godspeed Stewie.
  2. The game ended years ago, just nobody turned out the lights and played the "go home" music. Roll IRON.
  3. Well, I can only hope everybody else is slacking off on communications. We won't be and I'd love for it to become another powerful advantage in our pockets
  4. I've been making rounds (or getting/letting/slacking until Cent or Sal do it) telling allies whenever we even get the idea of signing a treaty with somebody. My little birds tell me this isn't exactly a unique practice, even if there are clear holes throughout CN. I think the problem is more evident with cancellations. People rarely cut ties on "good terms" anymore, if they ever did. Treaties don't fall until there is not a single hook left to hang it on. So when cancellation comes around, the one or both of the alliances probably (1) dislike the other, possibly intensely and/or (2) calcu
  5. I'm... ugh... in agreement with HoT. The LOIC strikes do nothing but stir up opposition and make free-net activists look like children. It's the online equivalent of pissing on the steps of the Capitol while yelling "YEAH, FIGHT DA POWAH" before the police drag you away.
  6. My general rule is to reserve aggression for the IC forums. Usually works well enough.
  7. Hey, when did you retire?

  8. Ardus

    The Infection Spreads

    I am the greatest monster in the history of humanity.
  9. The curtain opens to a small apartment with three friends, each drinking a different beverage. Ardus is surfing the web while the others try to decide what to watch on TV. The group has just completed the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory drinking game. Ardus: Hey, y'all like Star Trek so you'll like this. Apparently the guy who did the voice of Q on Star Trek is the villain in the next season of Ponies. Widget & NonCNFriend: Really? Widget: We should watch Star Trek right now. Is it on Netflix? Ardus: Yes, it is. I'm not actually familiar with Q. Widget: He's a tricks
  10. I think the picture to the left of this text accurately captures my reaction to this.
  11. Both alliances are immensely skilled in battle. Draw.
  12. I'm speaking to matters I'm not very familiar with as I did not participate, but I recall the Legion member used and shared the photos and album on IRC. If A shows B a picture and B laughs at it, B is certainly being mean, but has not elevated himself to our Slayer situation. B has not attempted to use OOC objects to influence the IC dynamic, nor has the IC dynamic led him to laugh at the pictures of A. MK laughs at Legion. It also laughs at everybody else, including enemies, neutrals, allies, and its own members. Especially its own members. What is "sick" is when people become so invest
  13. I don't think I've ever denied that we're jerks. That said, I'm pretty sure the photobucket thing just sort of fell into their laps. I don't think they went digging for it.
  14. I also voted and volunteered Republican back then. Now I'm solid Democrat. It's amazing how much one can grow in the span of 3 years.
  15. Ardus


    Os has certainly done a bang up job as Sec-gen, however the efforts that led to ODN's progress from pariah began a long time before Os took the reins. Arguably it was the efforts of Arsenal, Joracy and others (incl. myself...not trying to sound arrogant or anything but I also put alot of work into laying that groundwork) that laid the groundwork for that. ODN's govt has always been a team effort no matter who was at the helm.Os's efforts to build on that base have nevertheless been impressive, and if the only reason he got 'pushed' out is his length of tenure then it is pretty sad way to repay
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