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  1. Warm fuzzy flashbacks of big fluffy infra stacks. Godspeed Stewie.
  2. The game ended years ago, just nobody turned out the lights and played the "go home" music. Roll IRON.
  3. Y'all have too many treaties that have lasted too long for no reason. Cancel a couple and then start a conflagration. Also lol this is still here
  4. Having scraped the bottom of the barrel, Pacifica starts chipping up the barrel itself. Y'all should probably italicize and put a star next to TrotskysRevenge on that wiki page, too.
  5. I have taken the liberty of communicating your epiphany to Mr. Shamed. The history of this decrepit planet is littered with the corpses of those who thought it their advantage to work with Pacifica.
  6. but I was never GM of TOP so I don't know where OHHHHH this is one of those fancy insults or somethin' ain't it not no but hell no; I heard the mods don't exist so I thought I'd drop in for a snarky comment and then move on
  7. I think I was around for two weeks this year and did precisely one thing in that period but that is more than sufficient for "Best Villain" given the rest of you cowards
  8. I was being polite by assuming the moisture in your bed was the end result of some misguided attempt to not piss off the divine.
  9. They retain a healthy and diverse set of connections. The "choice" before them is not even a choice. It's between resolving this war shortly and proceeding into a traditional post-war diplomatic arrangment where everybody starts making the moves they wanted to make before the war but couldn't due to ~honour~ or swapping sides late in a war ensuring both immediate destruction, statistical and diplomatic, and long-term pariah status. The more you look at it and think about it, the more evident it becomes that the Usual Suspects wet dream would be tantamount to suicide on the part of IRON.
  10. I think I had Cornball in the No. 2 slot by then but I simply can't recall.
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