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  1. Starfox101

    The 'C' word

    Good luck brother, I know you'll be alright in no time.
  2. I certainly have improved my typing skills. Used to type with one finger.
  3. Honestly you are a skilled writer. These are great. And seriously...are you spying on me? Lol
  4. Wait til my backup shows up, Cuba. The plan has yet to unravel
  5. Wait, how the hell did you know about me and MI6?!
  6. Chris Jericho was the greatest promo worker ever. Therefore - Vox. Miz for Kashmir.
  7. Captain America killed that guy he kicked off the boat lol. I also enjoyed when Bucky kicked that dude into the Helicopter... Amazing movie, with enough Spartan kicks for a lifetime
  8. I have heard Rey has some gang affiliations off the field (Some crew called DBDC). I guess that's why NSO cut him. Maybe a red alliance will sign you
  9. I am still in Polar lol. Relaunching \m/ in a few weeks tho
  10. Join GGA we will make you a Paladin
  11. Starfox101


    Literally so does yours. You guys are the worst.
  12. It was also countered with you being critical about them. I wouldn't say very good, either.
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