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  1. I think that's a fair comment. You'll also recall that war had stuff all support from our members and Polar was generally lackluster for that reason. You have to note I'm not Government though then or now. I think that war was pathetic and disgusting and I think this one is as well. There's no double standard here.
  2. You wouldn't believe the coincidence! I was just walking back to the nursing home from the donut shop and discovered some scum who we are allied to attacked some good folk we are allied to with no good reason and ignoring the clause about attempting diplomacy first. I asked my Government what is going on and they don't appear to be getting answers...
  3. I can relate to this...
  4. I wanted to kill Doombirds once and the world didn't support it because they were all too scared of the cost. It would have been an investment! Now I hope Doombirds raid the world until the end of days.
  5. Joseph, Term is no alliance hopper. He's a man of principle who's exploring Bob and fighting for causes he believes in. The more this drags on the more I envy him... /me waves at Stewie Remember once when I held Pudding hostage? Who'd ever imaging the world twisting to the point I'm yearning to join you!
  6. I'm so out of the political world that I could be doing the wrong thing here but three cheers for Pudding! This looks a just cause of war to me.
  7. I have always believed that cutting off your enemies trade is the smart thing to do. All's fair in love and war!
  8. I think you played a big part in killing this game so good riddance. To be fair though it isn't your fault people were too gutless to face the issue. In the other realm though I wish all the best for you.
  9. You don't get it Tywin. I have plenty of RL people to talk to, I don't need an Aus discord channel. I need a way to participate in my alliance. With most alliances migrating everything to discord the forums have become a fairly empty shell and document repository. The great joy in CN used to be that people from anywhere could participate regardless of time zone and location. Now if you cant get on during USA time it's a ghost town.
  10. There's interesting points here that are quite relevent to different people but Jerdge seemed to get my issue. I cant access the game, discord or forums at work. I work at work. I live in Aus and when I try discord in the evenings there's no one on. With the migration to discord that means whilst having an alliance I love, I really have no alliance at all! Dead forum and dead discord room leaves little to no motivation to do more and as we all know CN is only part of the picture, it's the alliances etc that make it fun. Now I have to decide do I move, start my own forum based alliance (work 😒) or just continue to exist in solitude...
  11. Are there any alliances out there with active forums anymore? Even somewhere semi-active but where decisions and events are discussed on the forums instead of in discord?
  12. I trust my Greenness will be greatly enhanced by these ersatz hitch hikers. /me orders free doughnuts for all the citizens of Disktopia.
  13. This is a sad day for me. During my time TOP were the greatest enemy, and the greatest friend. There's a handful of alliances who really made significant contributions to the history of Bob. TOP are high on that small list. o/
  14. I'm not sure of much these days James because I'm well out of the loop but I like LH and always have. I hope he realises it's a bad idea and picks someone else to mess with.
  15. Tywin I've never been your enemy so please listen carefully and think about what I'm telling you. The only way the world will ever side with you over Polaris is if you go silent. Also hello
  16. I have watched this thread with huge interest. Unlike most of the people here I don't enjoy watching neutrals get hit and I certainly have no desire to mock or insult anyone. That said, Hime you really have bought this on yourselves. In the years I have been here we've pretty much all had a turn being pounded and out numbered. Sometimes we deserved it and sometimes we didn't. The thing is people like OBR could have stepped in so many times and changed the course of history. So many times you could have been hero's instead of pixel huggers. Now it's your turn and all the people you helped are lining up to help you...
  17. Wes I think you're better than this. Please prove me right.
  18. I feel the need to put some things in perspective. When Sparta and Polaris were allied we had some pretty good times, and some bad ones... DA and I certainly did have some heated conversations towards the end but we have both retired and left it alone. You'll notice little if any comment from either of us on that time these days because it's history. Sparta's current situation lies firmly at the feet of their current leaders. Planet Bob is a actually pretty good with giving new leaders a new chance, it's just not everyone who takes their opportunity. At the start of this war I expected it to be a typical "war for a bit then walk away" thing. Incredibly the events of here and other realms have changed my mind though and I now hope we fight till Sparta is no more. I never in a million words expected to make that statement
  19. Let's keep Sparta's fail and Alexandros fighting separate. Sparta is done but Alexandros gives his all and is a joy to fight. I'd be proud to have him in my alliance!
  20. Doing what you believe in is exactly the right way to continue to grow and prosper as an alliance. Congratulations on the three years and welcome to the battlefield o/
  21. Hi RV, I miss you and I miss having time to be here regularly. That said I think you're reading too much into this. NG attacked no ally of ours and Avalanche have never ignored an obligation out of convenience. Also I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of touch these days so other than wishing the best for all of our allies I'm out of here again.
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