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  1. Well it's been real. Thank you all for making this a very enjoyable and challenging experience. The sun has set on my time here for now and I have instructed admin to place me into dormancy. I have enjoyed my existence here more than most, admittedly. Rather than worry about what caused what, or who did such and such, I choose to reflect back on my time here and say thank you to everyone who was a part of the experience that is Planet Bob: good, bad and ugly. The Doomcave will be left in the capable hands of my POW, Jerel of Steeldor. Those of you who know how to reach me can find me in the afterlife, but for now, I relinquish my grip on the reins of DBDC and her glorious pixels. Thank you again to everyone who influenced my path here and whose path I've influenced, this has been a very fulfilling journey. Sincerely, Cuba
  2. I'm with Kingzog, the only reason I RP in any form is to attempt to avoid penalties like warns and to not look like I can't follow rules. As for the RPing of sociopaths, that's not quite how it works for me/DBDC. We have an aggressive playstyle in a game that's conducive to talking things out and playing nice. I get the same reaction in Civilization V when all the AI players hate me for being a warmonger. For me there's quite a distinction between not having any concern for what happens to others and trying to improve my own position. Do the two goals very constantly line up with each other. Yep. Is that why I do it? Nope. I've long stated that DBDC has friends and we'll defend and support those friends until we are unable. And even at that point, we'll still try. We play a very violent style of game, where every move is calculated and intentional and we play with no room for failure. It's not a style that many want to follow, so to ask for a "global response" is a bit much, considering the method of attack you would need to counter us is not a global prerogative. You don't have to be a raider to be our friend. We appreciate many aspects of AA's that don't align with our own values. ODN is not aggressive at all, but they are loyal. Umbrella is not chaotic, but they are skilled fighters and nation builders. Gramlins is not particularly relevant but they represent the spirit of DBDC, at least in a past life. I can go on and on about how our allies are good fits for us, not perfect, but complementary. It's not intentional to RP the villain, though we seem to be embracing that role with both arms. It's more that we have found a way to dominate the small niche of game we like best, namely big destruction and war/raiding. Something about the top end of games is attractive to me and my kind, and you would be shocked at the synergy we have in group discussions, but more shocked at the dissonance of opinion on almost every issue. DBDC is in itself a compromise, but everyone has a voice and we all listen to each other. There is a trust like no other AA I've ever seen and there's really no other home for us now that we've staked our claim as DOOMBIRDS. Apologies for making this all about myself, it seems like that's where the blog was headed. I'll happily rejoin less DBDC-centric discussion when it occurs.
  3. [12:49 PM] Hersh: But yah, you got a serious tech problem, Cuba.
  4. Cuba survives yet again. Getting pretty scary there for a second..
  5. I think DBDC might attempt this if it ever presented itself. It's coming.(Technically we tested it on umbrella during disorder but there was no official treaty at that time)
  6. man I was about to post that finally we have a thread that isn't about DBDC and you beat me to it. /me declares war on Icewolf, consequences be damned.
  7. I rather enjoyed reading this analysis, but it seems outdated. Our situation, as TB alluded, is quite stable. We have a solid NS base, not unconquerable, but substantially larger than our imaginary opposition. We have been for some time quite aware of the political landscape, and notably the scenarios that would lead to our demise. It's in every AA's best interest to keep itself protected from imminent demise, and we have many defenses to that. I disagree with your premise that we need to constantly raid to stay ahead of our competition. Our raids have been done with just as much intent of destruction as they were to grow our nations in a land sense. This leads me to conclude that your analysis is quite astute, but just somewhat uninformed and too narrow in its scope. The dismantling of our allies as you allude is not a feasible FA plan in any sense. Even among non-allied alliances there is considerable common opposition to us just from our blatant disregard of the 'old rules' and 'traditions'. If we were to set a precedent of dropping our allies and then subsequently attacking them for no other reason than cannibalism, we would lose a tremendous amount of credibility and respect across the board. Though we are more free to act outside of our treaty web than most any other alliance out there, that doesn't afford us the ability to act like brute morons with no plan. We know what we're doing, and we'll be just fine.
  8. aww.. disappointed panda is disappointed? The OWF is unbearable right now, I miss the days of lurking and informative threads.
  9. I thought for a second the recipes would be the different counter scenarios, but that was apparently way too optimistic.
  10. well there is a right way to do this, and then there's this way.
  11. we hit a lot of targets across the board, as intended. We do have a strange way of making friends, though, as I am on friendly terms with a few of your upper tiers.
  12. Gramlins were the precursor to the current DBDC. In my opinion they could have exacted whatever political goals they wanted if they were just somewhat bigger, NS-wise. I've long feared that internal civil war inside DBDC would be our greatest threat, and we are not without structure. We are however fairly like-minded in our play styles so it's easy to move in more or less one direction. As to whether others will follow in the structure set forth by OBR and DBDC I doubt it, except in the form of a temporary anti DBDC coalition designed to eliminate us once and for all. But it won't be successful.
  13. I rather like this assessment. We never claimed not to have friends, though, and inevitably those friends will reside in some alliance or another. We've stayed true to our belief of not fighting wars we don't support for the sake of another's contrived agenda. That will continue to be our guiding principle into the next era of battle, but we'd be foolish to think we can take on all of planet bob by ourselves, fun as it sounds.
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