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  1. Well it's been real. Thank you all for making this a very enjoyable and challenging experience. The sun has set on my time here for now and I have instructed admin to place me into dormancy. I have enjoyed my existence here more than most, admittedly. Rather than worry about what caused what, or who did such and such, I choose to reflect back on my time here and say thank you to everyone who was a part of the experience that is Planet Bob: good, bad and ugly. The Doomcave will be left in the capable hands of my POW, Jerel of Steeldor. Those of you who know how to reach me can find me in the afterlife, but for now, I relinquish my grip on the reins of DBDC and her glorious pixels. Thank you again to everyone who influenced my path here and whose path I've influenced, this has been a very fulfilling journey. Sincerely, Cuba
  2. It's still a question, not any actual violation and a simple PM would have been sufficient. Even if there was a hypothetical malicious intent, it's still not a violation given the previous information. I've cancelled the nation sit, given the new information and now the topic should be moved and locked since it's resolved.
  3. First of all, this belongs in the Questions section, not Game Abuse, so I'll answer this here. Oya was concerned about his availability so I requested a nation sit. It's going to end up a moot point, since there are no wars he will fight in the next 9 weeks, and I haven't actually logged onto his nation, nor his forum account. There is no collusion as you are hoping for, just sporadic activity by Oya as expected by everyone in the know. As for wars, I specifically cleared this with admin prior to any conflicts, where it was made clear that if both nations were declared on it would not be a violation, nor would it be if oya declared first and I was hit subsequently. The only violation would be if oya declared on a target that was already engaged with me (Cuba) since that is my own doing. Like I said, most likely a moot point, given both his activity and the current/future war scenarios. *Request move to Question and Answer section
  4. I was a fan of MK while they existed, but that doesn't make 3 out of 25 a "many", given we have more from Non Grata and Umbrella than actual MK. We are in the second coming of Doom, and the tactics may have a semblance, but it's a whole different approach to power and influence. As far as global and historical mpact, I'm not sure DBDC qualifies, but the fact that 100% of alliances have to plan wars around how they would interact with DBDC speaks volumes.
  5. Does DBDC have a procedure for establishing its leader, or is the largest nation the de facto leader? Or have you even had to think about this up until now? That would be pretty awesome if true, especially if four or five of us were really close in NS, we could make executive decisions after buying 1,000 infra. Do you think about the things you say, or do you just fling verbal poo and hope it lands somewhere? Edit: Why do I always land on page breaks?
  6. she said she's all about that doom, bout that doom, no trouble.
  7. (-2,-147): 70% likelihood. URL Segment: lat=-2&lon=-147 yields 99% (-2,-146): 17% likelihood. URL Segment: lat=-2&lon=-146 yields 100% Confirmed moon hotspot is: lat=-2&lon=-146
  8. There is no more global war. Is it still necessary to have the game start locking people out from 11:50-12:05 ?
  9. You removed 13 members of your alliance and only 1 wants to come back?
  10. good stuff guys. Hope everyone got what they wanted and it's done.
  11. Ya know.. I'm not even gonna bother with the spy op to determine if this shit is a lie or not. I just know it's true...
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