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  1. Just stumbled upon these forums again and can’t believe I still see names I remember
  2. Always had my suspicions about them:P That's because Nem pulled the red carpet from under your feet
  3. Dude post your evidence or this thread is boring and pointless. One would think if you are trying to uncover some grand conspiracy you would have had this evidence at hand from the start.
  4. I was not the person who originally wanted the MI6 treaty cancelled, it was a few others but whatever it's in the past.
  5. I stand corrected but the fact is I never reported anything to Umbrella about you guys because until that treaty was cancelled there was nothing on your forums or irc where you were talking about Umbrella in a bad manner. It was one of the other DoD members who pointed out to us in the govt about the thread you had about the Umbrella treaty cancellation where all this started. So you see there was nothing on my end to report, whatever happened between you and Umbrella had zero to do with us, that's a fact and you know it.
  6. Out of morbid curiosity I checked this out. A couple of things to quickly point out, The Umbrella treaty was already cancelled on MI6 before we began the member exchange program if I recall correctly so stating that I reported to Umbrella to get them some reason to cancel on MI6 is funny, they did enough on their own to get cancelled. Lastly, the comment about the ex-TSO members voicing their displeasure about the war and the sides I picked, I wasn't even the leader of DoD when the war broke out but rather I was simply a government adviser with no power. So as Hormones says, don't believe everything you read on the internet
  7. Your're right, it's a pity I never personally got to deal with you in our war. Maybe if you were the economic genius you claim to be you would have figured out how to grow your nation and you would have been in range....so yeah, it is a pity. How is NoR these days for you :smug:
  8. As one of the original founders it is sad to see this happen but it was the right thing to do. DoD had one hell of a nice run and I am very pleased with what we achieved in the time we had. R.I.P. DoD
  9. As someone who has known Nem for years I can assure you he is no coward but hey you know what they say about opinions right
  10. I will He was good at 2007 CN economics. I suspect your alliance will actually start to grow like normal alliances now that you have washed your hands of his cancerous ways. I really do wish you well, he ran a lot of good people out of NoR and deserves everything he gets.
  11. This move is years late, I wish you would have done it when we all warned you about that cancer killing the alliance from within. Good luck Nemhauser, you are a great leader and will do well.
  12. I guess it's better than that no nuking deal you had last time around
  13. Now is your chance to obliterate Umbrella like you talked about after the treaty cancellation
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