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  1. [quote name='Joe Stupid' timestamp='1344913725' post='3021766'] And none of you have done any god damn thing of note since then. Thanks for bringing our attention to this yet again. [/quote] The main actors in Vox Populi changed the face of this game forever, and I suspect they could do it once again, if properly inspired. That said, praise for VE strikes me as very strange, so I am not sure where this is going.
  2. This version of the collapse of the Initiative is adorable. I suppose it makes sense from an NPO-centric view, but it wasn't an NPO-centric event. I don't blame him though, as I don't think the NPO ever really understood what was going on. They were outmaneuvered and failed to comprehend the situation before, during, and apparently after it all happened.
  3. I don't believe I've ever worked with/directly met this Lanore fellow, but I threw in what I could anyway. This is definitely a tough situation and one in which almost all of us can help a bit. I'll post this up over on the Polar forums if someone else hasn't already. Good luck man.
  4. [quote name='Viluin' timestamp='1341696777' post='3006214'] Are you kidding? I'm not going to attack two people and then ignore the third because peace may or may not happen soon and he didn't attack me yet. It was just my daily round of attacks as usual, a routine. By not attacking Greco I would leave myself more vulnerable to ground attacks as well [b]so that would be dumb[/b]. [/quote] You have made a very bad decision in a long line of very bad decisions. See, Dochartaigh has been around a bit and knows how this works. You, clearly, have no idea. You have made a very very bad decision
  5. I basically use the wiki as a reference to treaties and that's about it. It's fairly useless as historical documentation due to the constant slant in many articles. Basically, when it comes to article entries on wars, it should be impartial and factual to have any real meaning. However they most certainly are not, and most war entries treat one parties opinion as fact. It's perfectly fine to document and explain one parties alegation/charge/etc, but it should be clearly differentiated from objective facts. Also, as noted by many already, wikia is pretty much awful.
  6. [quote name='Vladimir Stukov II' timestamp='1337914514' post='2971885'] You killed TOP? My other alliance was Alpha Omega and it is still alive. [/quote] I think I thought you were in the NAAC and something else. But who knows anymore, I probably am thinking of someone else.
  7. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1337913505' post='2971867'] I see you haven't relinquished your self-appointed role as the ghost of Pacifican past. Regardless, congratulations Polaris, surviving 6 years is something to be proud of. [/quote] Not Pacifican past, really. We were never "Pacifican", simply a creation of it. In fact rejecting many of those "Pacifican ideals" is what forced us to adapt, learn, and become something unique and interesting. I recapped our founding, not to create ties to the NPO, but to illustrate how far we've come. From a political jab at a defeated foe to
  8. [quote name='Vladimir Stukov II' timestamp='1337912912' post='2971856'] Six years later and you have accomplished nothing except being a punching bag. You had so much potential! [/quote] Didn't we kill a few of your alliances, or am I mixing you up with someone else?
  9. [center][img]http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x204/Sigma_012/PolarisBird.png[/img] [size="5"]An Anniversary of Note[/size][/center] Six years ago, The New Pacific Order was high on victory. They had just defeated their nemesis a second time, the NAAC lay near ruined. They shrunk to less than half their size, and were quite demoralized. The Blue Team, the NAAC's domain, was ripe for the taking. Ivan Moldavi, Emperor of the NPO, launched an experiment to fill the power vacuum, and he called it The New Polar Order. Many abandoned the NAAC in its crippled state and joined the newly formed al
  10. [quote name='Canik' timestamp='1333362046' post='2947253'] Seriously. Walford. NpO is not the moralist gem you think they are. From my observations they sucker fools like you in with moralist rhetoric but almost always do the complete opposite of the value some Polaris members like to preach. If you want to know more PM me and I will indulge you. [/quote] Walford has been a member of Polaris for over a year, whereas I have no idea who you are. I am sure he has a much better idea of how we operate than you. Which is exactly how it should be. The best way to observe how an alliance operates i
  11. Thank you for this honor. I don't know what I did specifically to deserve such recognition, but I certainly appreciate it. Congratulations to the others recognized as well.
  12. [quote name='Chris Kaos' timestamp='1329839261' post='2925137']That was basically NPO standard operating procedure back then. They delighted in ruining people and alliances. They had no qualms about doing anything in order to win, and there were a lot of people who tried to be genuinely honest and upstanding in CN who just couldn't keep up with the NPO's practices. For those of you who haven't been around long than, let's say, a few months leading up to Karma, you really can't understand how bad they were. MK and friends have tried to be villains, but there's just nothing like vintage NPO vill
  13. [quote name='raasaa' timestamp='1329748471' post='2924563'] and they will be right in doing so. I am pretty sure that from NpO's perspective, they are willing to bury the hatchet and start afresh with all alliances and TSO will be an exception [/quote] To be honest, I haven't thought about TSO in a long time. Pretty much the only experience I have with them in the last few years is folks like Vandal who seem to desperately hate us for reasons that are both ancient, and incredibly silly. I don't "hate" them, I am more weirded out by them than anything else. [quote name='enderland' timesta
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