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  1. Man, I haven't thought about that in ages. To be honest it was a ton of potential, virtually all of it unrealized. I could write a longer version, but the short one is, it was various parties coming together with very different ideas of what sort of alliance they wanted to make.
  2. That's why I ranked MK higher. Honest question because I don't really know who you are, were you around for the LUE days? Yes, MK outdid them, but in many ways MK was a successor state, and opposition to or support for LUE literally defined the entire game for a good long time.
  3. To me it was more of a movement or like, a terrorist cell, than a proper alliance. It existed to accomplish something, it did that, and then they all moved on to different thing. That's my take anyway. You can't deny their impact though.
  4. It was not a "planned hiatus". They made bad decisions, they got crushed, and later they re-founded. I was there when it happened and I was in good with VE at the time. They collapsed and failed as an alliance and it was quite traumatic for the long-term members. The differences between VE 1.0 and 2.0 are also quite significant. That said I don't think I'd put VE 1.0 on a top 3 list. Perhaps a longer one. For me including the entirety of CN history... 1. MK 2. LUE 3. NAAC MK goes along with the NPO as one of the biggest power-centers this game has ever had. Their influence is still happening, so it's almost hard to discuss MK in past-tense, but as far as defunct alliances they will top this list for a long time. I suspect the NPO or my own alliance (maybe) would have to disband before I'd remove it from top pick. LUE won't be understood by people that weren't there. For a while they were the most polarizing alliance out there. You either hated them or thought they were fun guys who weren't as stuffy as the order-types. And they went full out. They had some of the best trolls the game has ever had. They were full on our declared enemy but we had fun with it, until the end that is when things turned very nasty. Also they were creative. When they disbanded, MK took its place, but with more meanness and less silly humor. NAAC is a bit of of selfish pick. They were one of the big three early days. They were arguably the most power alliance for a bit. They also defined the early conflicts between the orders, and of course opposition to them directly led to the founding of Polaris, which has then had a large impact on the game. Destroying the NAAC was the single most important goal for some of us for a long time, and it took ages (by our standards at the time). We also considered them incredibly worthy foes. They fought well, planned well, and had a good choice in team color.
  5. BRING IT You might be happy to know that it isn't just one anymore. That said both of our alliances are similar in that one can not really claim the entire alliance having one attitude. I can't speak for STA members on the whole, but looking in the STA embassy on our forum, there's a very wide ranging set of opinion presented. And looking at the membership of Polaris, there is an equally diverse range. Essentially, anyone trying to say "Polar feels this way" or "The STA feels this way" likely isn't representing the true range of thoughts and opinions. From Polaris' side, our Emperor will ultimately determine what relationship we have with the STA and the rest of us will continue to think of them as great friends/be indifferent/wait in anticipation for the above threat to happen.
  6. I actually thought you left ages ago. Anyway, good luck and have fun.You helped make this place interesting back in the day and punched far above your weightclass.
  7. You should start a bloc with the STA and call it Ex-Girlfriends. Because that is what this sounds like. You dumped us and now you're upset that we're boning other chicks. If I recall correctly (which I do) TIO came to us and decided unilaterally that our MDoAP was now an ODP. I told you to get bent and cancelled it (because ODPs are dumb and pointless and you can't just decide to change what a treaty says). TIO decided they didn't want to be connected to us. The STA decided they didn't want to be connected to us. And now you are upset that we are doing all we can to protect and help those that we are connected to over folks who chose to leave us. Polaris will always defend her allies before others, because that is how we roll. We honor our commitments and agreements. We have neither with TIO. p.s. we sold all the crap you left at our apartment.
  8. We're allowed to have individual opinions, you know. The fact that I am about to type this at a fellow Imperator Emeritus makes me sad... If Dajobo says it, it's the word of the alliance. Myself, and Grub, and Fallen Fool, and Schattenmann, and everyone else is allowed to have our own opinions and state them anywhere we want to. Those opinions frequently differ. So what you are doing here, seizing something said by Fallen and trying to correct the Emperor of Polaris... it betrays either a deep misunderstanding of who we are, or that you are really trying to push a narrative here that just isn't real. Fallen apparently thinks you abandoned us. I think you treated us poorly, parted with us by your own choice, and are now apparently upset over the affects of those actions. Grub and King Penchuk appear to wish you the best. Dajobo has stated his opinions quite clearly and plainly. By taking one of those views and opinions and trying to tell us that our entire alliance holds that is pretty sad when this very thread demonstrates that our opinions range quite a bit.
  9. Remember that time you guys decided that you wanted to sever your alliance with us, and I told you that it was a one-sided decision? That I and Polaris had no desire to cancel the treaty? Remember when I offered to do whatever Polaris needed to do to repair our relations and salvage the treaty, but you refused to accept that the STA could in any way be at fault for any problem ever and refused to engage in any discussion that wasn't "Polar is 100% at fault and STA has never ever made a mistake"? Because I remember. The STA decided to cancel their treaty and formal ties with Polar, and do it in a pretty unclassy fashion. And now, all of a sudden, you expect us to act like that didn't happen? You took action to cancel the treaty that bound us to assist you, and now you are upset that we aren't assisting you? I've long held your leadership to be irrational and overall poor, so this isn't at all shocking to me. Just further validates that I was right to not get too bent out of shape over the whole thing. Also it's amusing that you lot immediately assume this is a Polaris plot, despite having no real information to know that and despite having no idea how proper coalition warfare works, as demonstrated in this thread and in years prior. This shouldn't need clarification, but many of you don't pay attention so I'll do it anyway. I am retired fully and have had zero input on the planning or execution of this war. But I do understand the priorities of the New Polar Order. And those priorities are going to put our allies, our real actual treatied allies, above everyone that isn't an ally. To me that is our responsibility. We have signed agreements to defend and help certain alliances and we will do so to the best of our abilities. The rest of you are simply not as important. If you want to be on that list A. Go back in time and not deliberately take yourselves off the list or B. Rebuild the relationship instead of continually demonstrating and reinforcing why it failed in the first time.
  10. Assuming you are referring to the post-Grudge war era, it wasn't so much of an NAP as an agreement to reset relations to neutral and to end the perpetual war cycle between us. So, sort of the same but different. I think it worked. "Back in the day" people used NAPs as an opener treaty. Something to sign with an alliance to facilitate discussion and avoid direct conflict. Alliances didn't bring their entire sphere into every war back then either (only the big ones) so it was conceivable that two alliances on opposing sides could agree to not fight each other.
  11. The ODN has done a poor job of showing said love over the years. But mostly I was just trying to help you out there. You know, clear your conscience and give you someone to fight. This place would be super boring without enemies.
  12. I thought GGA was dead. And if it isn't dead, it should be returned to that state as soon as possible.
  13. Well I still don't like you. Nuke away, if you can get someone low enough to actually nuke me.
  14. I like War of the Orders. To me, this is a conflict between Polar, Pacifica, and the Sith. Everyone else is incidental. That is the core of this war, so it makes a good name. What many of you don't get about war names is, comedy usually doesn't work. Puns, too long of names, weird capitalization, it doesn't work. Short, fairly neutral, but representative of the conflict (or the core of why it started). The whole "disorder" thing doesn't work as well, as there is no real disorder about it. It was quite orderly actually, both in the dictionary term sense, and in terms of how our alliances operate. So, if the war isn't disorderly, then the name is simply a bad pun (or whatever) and therefore is meaningless.
  15. Since always, basically, since we were close allies for roughly a year and have been rivals and foes for roughly 6 years.
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