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  1. From what I've seen, TPF and STA fought well and hard. You guys definitely earned this peace.
  2. Rayan, my friend, watch where you are throwing those stones. I'm pretty sure your house is made of glass.
  3. Well then, good luck in your future homes, or your ascension to the other side. Whatever your plans may be
  4. Maybe no one like C&G? I don't know. Uh oh. !@#$ just got real. And NG's side of the coalition is showing it's massive amounts of butthurt by complaining and !@#$%*ing whenever an alliance enters the other side of the war. Mostly from ODN, GATO, and NG.
  5. I prefer monopoly, but bingo isn't bad. o/ the Avalanche
  6. Glad to see you guys are still kicking. Grats on the entrance to the war
  7. Honorable as always, VE. Try to finish off the remnants!
  8. There's some nice looking banners up there. I gotta say, P's the best, IMO.
  9. As much as I like to support the underdogs, ICoN really fucked up. 'Grats NPO.
  10. This is why us Commies have a bad name on Bob :((
  11. Seems like NoR is going to feel some major hurt in the morning next month or two from now.
  12. Shhh. If you say his name loud enough, he may come back...
  13. You are at war, but your entire alliance has zero active wars. Seems legitimate.
  14. Awesome. Congrats on the entrance to the war
  15. What a lovely DoW. I believe we can all use this as a way to explain hypocrisy to the children. Thanks, Steve Buscemi. Oh, and for your posts in this topic as well. All of these examples should really help my nation's children understand hypocrisy without having to allude to violence.
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