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  1. 5 copies of playboy, at least they'll die happy.
  2. good god unban him before he gets turned off
  3. I am so telling her you said that!
  4. We have a town in Newfoundland called Dildo. It is highly disappointing to visit. As for license plates, everything here usually starts with either C or H, and is three letters long, so not a lot of CN references to be had.
  5. In terms of the "User Online" idea, if what you are saying is that it will always say when someone is online, and when they are offline, I can see it having an effect on the timing of attacks. When launching an attack, it's difficult to tell if they are prepared for your attacks, and are sitting there waiting to re-buy soldiers. With this feature, rulers can time their attacks easier because they will be able to execute them when the other ruler is offline.
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