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  1. Just stumbled upon these forums again and can’t believe I still see names I remember
  2. Oh yeah? Well maybe there IS something here for me. I just haven't found it yet. Oh but I'll keep looking.

  3. Well I will be asking for 10k tech then because I was first to ask Also Shakespeare
  4. Beazy loves you guys Also I will vouch the Valhalla info, tons of Boobs and yes they are some pretty awesome people. DT, you are like our brothers so you know the feeling is mutual over here
  5. You guys sure had a funny way of showing this
  6. You better check your facts, there was no peace talks in motion when DT entered as stated by Goose in his logs and confirmed by LoSS.
  7. You are misinformed, DT offered the terms and they were ignored. I guess now that CSN is having internal strife they finally want to come to heir senses and end it so they try and come back and take what they can get. I say DT has every right to take this stance now. CSN could have ended this long ago.
  8. Why you looking at me? click the back button my friend nothing here for you

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