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  1. I would love to hear some examples about Invicta Like in all seriousness.
  2. I hit my laptop cause of your picture :P

  3. Pretty much this. Invicta hasn't changed. I do not what you mean by having the right to speak up on the OWF and play the game they wanted to. That I know of we have never had an OWF posting ban and members can speak up at any time to voice their opinions on anything, in fact they are greatly encouraged too. This is just another case of most of the idiots and trolls on the OWF not knowing anything about the situation, but thinking they do, and posting without fact checking. We just are generally quite quiet in public and don't think our allies business or our business needs to be everywhere. I
  4. come out come out wherever you are

  5. Oh wickedj, stop pretending like you know anything about us, it's quite pathetic. If you knew anything about any of the things you listed, especially the cancellation, you would probably understand. However, we at Invicta like our opsec and like to keep stuff that should be discussed between involved parties, only between those parties. If we were so scared of RoK, why did we almost declare in the first place?
  6. Your alliance profile field is wrong. *stare*

  7. President Gunn


    I have heard about it for a while. Kinda understood it and just kinda ignored it
  8. Me and the gummy bears have a plot to rule the world but shhhhh its a secret.

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