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New Sith Order Announcement

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The New Sith Order does not condone spying by her members on foreign alliances. However much like many other alliances out there we feel that freedom of information is an important ideal to hold. As such when The Legion approached the New Sith Order with talks of resolving the situation between our two alliances our stance did not change; we look for some type of compensation for the baseless slander made against our government and we cannot divulge the names of those brave rebels who spied against The Legion. To release the names of those brave rebels would not only be a violation of the trust they placed in the New Sith Order but also a desecration of the ideals the New Sith Order holds so dearly. I am not willing to ruin and debase the good name of the New Sith Order for The Legion. Under no circumstances is the New Sith Order obligated to provide intelligence to The Legion; if we wanted to share intelligence with them we would sign a PIAT.

Furthermore The Legion requested that the New Sith Order pressure our members to not post spy reports. I being a reasonable man would have been able to accept this slight degradation of our strong held ideals of freedom of information and freedom of speech, if only we could put this issue to rest with a simple apology for the blatant, baseless, false slander of Sith Lord Varianz. Even though The Legion has admitted to the wrong they have as of yet been unable to publicly admit that wrong and apologize for said wrong; as such in the interests of freedom of information the New Sith Order considers this matter closed.

[spoiler]You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Sabcat Island. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation:

Desired Religion: Norse
Desired Government: Totalitarian State
Threat Level: Severe
Tax Rate: 28%
Number of Spies: 10
Last Nuke Purchase: None
Last Wonder Purchase: None
Total Money: $22,059,507
Technology: 110.83 Levels
Last Bill Payment: 7/4/2011 5:38:15 AM
Trade Partners: Minecraft, Great ottime, Volseck, Jakulia, Wensteria
Secret Aid Sent To: None
Total Aircraft: 0
Aircraft Fighter Strength: 0
Aircraft Bomber Strength: 0
Navy Purchases Today: 0
Navy Vessels:
Corvettes: 0
Landing Ships: 0
Battleships: 0
Cruisers: 0
Frigates: 0
Destroyers: 0
Submarines: 0
Aircraft Carriers: 0

Your spies returned home unharmed and unidentified.[/spoiler]

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[quote name='Rush Sykes' timestamp='1309816295' post='2748708']
As a newly signed treaty partner of The Legion, we at TLR must officially protest behavior like this.

:war::nuke: NSO :war::nuke:

Will your protest fair more fireworks than theirs?

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