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  1. Yawn. To this day I've fought more days of war at NPO's side when they were getting curb stomped than any 4 members of your alliance ever will. Other than that..don't care. I'm about 600 nukes deep in the punks and it's lovely.
  2. Us few souls have managed dish around 4 million NS of damage to NPO, almost 20 percent of what NPO currently possesses, that's growth they didn't get to enjoy. We've forced thousands and thousands of tech to have to be purchased twice. We've forced aid slots to go 10 days and not be fulfilled with tech delivery, causing the cycle to start over. We've forced aid slots to go to fund battle and not be used to fund or send tech. We've caused nation after nation to go broke. Seeing them go from hundreds of millions of dollars to near zero after many rounds of war. There might not ever be enough left on the planet to stop the top of NPO but there's enough to make the bottom untenable. I am personally almost out of the fray, but we have several who have many more billions to spend if they choose to do so. Not too bad for a handful of nations under 10k for the most part against the most powerful alliance in the game. Plus the sheer freedom of not caring about anything other than destroying as much as you can before you turn out the lights has made for the best time I've had in the decade I've been here.
  3. After almost constantly being in 3-5 wars for 9.5 months, I've spent less than 2 billion dollars personally. At this level you can fight on and on and on, we still have nations with 10 billion dollar war chests who will likely fight until the planet is no more. I have probably destroyed 30+ thousand lower tier tech that was bound upward during that time. Spied away hundreds of millions of dollars and cost hundreds of millions more in rebuilding. Also forced hundreds of tech slots to be turned into rebuilding aid slots/kept tech from being delivered on time due to money and tech destruction. Multiply that over and over and there's a cost to the fighting even for the larger side. Especially when the smaller side has absolutely nothing to lose.
  4. I've had something like 22 of my last 25 blocked, including 9 in a row over multiple days. This hasn't been an uncommon theme over the course of the last 5 months or so I've been fighting. I simply refuse to believe it's a straight 40/60 in all circumstances.
  5. The only lesson here is that Oculus has about 5 alliances they can roll every 3 or 4 months because the rest of you worthless piles of trash are allied to each other. There's no lesson to be learned and no reforming that matters. 90 percent of the non-neutrals are aligned and demand blood but there's only 10 percent left to get it from. Thus stupid mass curb stomps where 80 percent of the people involved won't even get a war because there's no slots. I strongly recommend MI6/Invicta fighting until the war chest is done and [mod edit]. It's great fun and quite freeing no longer having any goal other than destruction on whatever scale you can manage it and you can fight for a long long time if you've saved a decent amount.
  6. You morons are hung up on us thinking we need or care about any kind of legacy still? I don't give one crap about that. My remaining war chest (for all those failing spy ops constantly, it'll be enough to last at least 6 more months of non-stop warfare) is to be spent blowing up NPO tech. I do not care about legacy or what's left of any of this planet beyond that.
  7. Once again, you pre-empted us with something like a 1000-50 nation advantage and are involved in a similar war right now and you want to cry about picking on people who can't defend themselves? You're damn right I'm hitting every person I see throwing tech up the chain, wonders or no, well built or no. The hilarious thing is there's a ton of very well equipped nations in my range but RnR nations keep having to fill my slots for the most part with nations who aren't equipped to handle me either. But all my nukes have NPO painted on the side and that's where they all go. Right into the tech so you have to buy it twice. Right into that precious 4999 infra you get those tasty tech slaves up to. Tech so nice you have to buy it twice to get it sent.
  8. You go into peace mode so no one can attack you, that's it's only function. Dress it how you like it, you were in peace mode because you feared being attacked. It's the only function it has on this planet.
  9. Not one word in your rambling b.s filled post explains why you went into peace mode. We both know there's only one reason why one goes there. Just admit it.
  10. It's not a peace mode joke you idiot. You stated we were pussies because we didn't keep fighting at the end of the last war. You've been hiding in peace mode within the last two weeks. Why didn't you keep on fighting? I've not missed a single day of any war we've been involved in in 5 years. You've clearly been spending a good portion of that time cowering like a wee little baby. So explain it to me....why were you in peace mode within the last two weeks if people are pussies for not continuing to fight regardless of any circumstance their nation is facing?
  11. This is the dumbest line of logic ever. You have 2000 and 3000 day old nations without any clue on how to fight and who apparently buy 1 wonder a year. Your other nations had 5000 infra to my 2500 when I declared and over 5 days they've combined to launch 3 or 4 cruise missiles while your allies, who are actually worse off than them, do all the fighting. Also, you idiots are yapping about your great victories on here all the time when you're fighting alliances with a 50-1 nation and nation strength advantage. As for all of them who are weak in your alliance, I think Will Munney said it best when Little Bill told him he'd just shot an unarmed man "Well, he shoulda armed himself if he was gonna decorate his establishment with my friend Ned." Your nations should have armed themselves if you're alliance is going to aggressively pre-empt someone who bled for you most of their time on Bob.
  12. I've been fighting two NPO members for 5 days now and have taken 120 total damage from them something like 3 total cms, they had me by 2000 infra at the start of the war and do absolutely nothing with it. They are active, they've just been doing zilch but sitting there while the dead broke guy from Atlas, the dead broke guy from Last Call and the RnR nations that declared on me have fought or at least tried to run attacks. I've no particular interest in fighting anyone but NPO, With luck my SDI works and I can find two or three more NPO tech farms tonight. Gotta keep that spice from flowing as much as possible for big red. Don't worry though, I'll be out of money by fall or winter.
  13. So MI6 said mean things that made Oculus mad = lock soild CB. You pre-emptively, aggressively attacking what had been your most long standing ally up until a very short time before isn't a future CB? Once again, you pissed on our heads, so you get bit on the ankles for it. Best CB in the history of the planet in my eyes.
  14. We never begged anyone for peace. Our only reason for leaving the war when we did was to allow STA and MI6 an exit. Then allow anyone who didn't wish to participate in this time to find a new place, restock our nations then declare this war. My nation hasn't been in peace mode in half a decade. I see it's been a little less than 2 weeks for you. Who's the pussy?
  15. This is the worst logic I've ever heard. Seriously, the absolute worst.
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