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  1. I don't see NPO struggling for anything. You own deception that plays in your mind is making your dillusional side show. Maybe one day you can learn which shoulder you talk to and which shoulder you listen too instead of listening to the inner voice that has you in a ball of confusion and can remember what pill for what personality you need to take for the right day of the week. Enough talking to the wannabe. Have a nice day and enough the non real fantasy of a world you live in.
  2. I would not say anyone is discarding or don't care about Francoism. Ideals advance and adapt to the times and even though you have your impression of what you think is reality the roots still exist and people move on. Holding on to tje past as you are will never allow you to grow up and you will never reach the relevance you are seeking . Oh wait your irrelevant anyways. So your words and opinions don't matter anyways. Chow baby boy
  3. Maybe if written in Braille they will see the light and be able to understand what they can not see now
  4. So your Trumping your own members ? And in doing so put you in the position of being targeted with fake news? Words matter and the words you choose have put you in the position of which you are in. Acceptance for your own words would help sort your denial issues which in turn will find a solution to the predicament you have created with your own words not the interpretation from others. Including what you call fake news
  5. Congrats to both parties ... definitely a win win proposition o/
  6. i hear ya and with that in mind remember too we still have war with Mongols and co.... you guys did a great job though in your staggers and all .. and i did enjoy each fight .. but that Adude guy lol .. he kinda disappeared in his round with me .. but agian thanks for the good fight and good luck in the future ...
  7. Hmmm... great on the peace and i hope all good things will happen thanks to them in Invicta that showed me special love ...well fought and it was fun ...
  8. ugh .. then listen ... as much as god gave a mouth to speak ... god also gave ears to use to listen ... good luck with the repeating cycle .. only you can break it
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