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  1. September 2007, the Libertarian Empire was founded. The Libertarian Empire was recruited by an alliance based on Libertariainism. These were the Golden Days. Thanks to efficient aid programs within the FCC, the Libertarian Empire managed to grow into the top 5% in order to purchase its first nuclear missile. This was back when being the top 5% allowed you to buy nukes, MPs came out no long after. When MK got rolled by NPO, I decided to go join the MK AA to assist them; since I knew opposition would be to great for the alliance to get involved. After this along with some other former FCC members, we formed Onyx Hand. Although the alliance didn't really grow.. Eventually Onyx Hand merged into the FCC and a new Charter was created; which centralized more power around a King.. I ended up get nominated and everyone voted in favor of me,, except one person abstained..This brought in a new age of prosperity for the FCC, as the alliance grew rapidly with efficient aid program for both growth and making every nation nuclear capable. Relations within The Citadel improved and eventually Continuum was defeated with The Citadel and FCC playing their part.. After NPO's defeat, there wasn't much going on. No major threats, so activity was down.. Eventually I resigned after a founder made a huge fuss and I made my biggest mistake; I resigned. Once I resigned here was no going back to how things were. The FCC slowly deteriorated without strong leadership & I occupied myself by battle after battle against uphill odds; as I was lost without the FCC and in search for a purpose. I lost count of how many wars I fought, but the FCC was golden years of CN and once I resigned it was never the same. What I loved most about CN was gone, the Libertarian Community called the FCC. When first joining I quickly became elected a Senator, then I was appointed a High Court Judge not long before I left to help MK..Then I was crowned King upon my return. Even with the LPC, it couldn't compare to what I had lost with the FCC. When I resigned from the FCC,, I might as well have deleted my nation then. Since ever since I was just lost soul wandering from battlefield to battlefield in search of some meaning. What made the FCC great was they made sure to build up all nations accepted up to 5k infra with their Massive Aid Bomb Program. Also the alliance was idealogy based, so everyone shared a common interest in discussing Libertarianism and Anarchism. Until I declared on IRON as King of FCC in the Karma War; FCC had never fought in a war. They prefered to apply the non-aggression principle to foreign policy as well. Although it was the community which made it great, where debating Libertarian & Anarchism with people made it my favorite forum to just discuss non-CN related things as well. For me the best part of CN died with the FCC, none of my other accomplishments after compared to the feeling of success and satisfaction of rising up the ranks within the FCC. The Fifth Column Confederation is what got me hooked on Cybernations and there will never be an alliance which can match it. Forever Fifth Column Confederation will be remembered as the greatest alliance in Cybernations and never will there be an alliance which can match it. Some say nothing lasts forever, although my biggest regret was not ensuring the FCC was still alive and well today. Its something which can never be replicated. Never Forget the Fifth Column Confederation, the most Libertarian Ideological Based alliance this game has ever seen. When the FCC was gone, my reason for sticking around was gone. Although I couldn't bring myself to push that delete button for a long time. While Cybernations has had its ups and downs, thinking about when CN was really something special; it was the FCC which was my reason for playing. What I miss more than my nation, Senate Seat, the LPC or anything else is the FCC. The community was something special, also being part of The Citadel made for another special community, ,which I cherished and miss. OG, Gremlins, TOP & Umbrella all hold a special place in my memories as well. The Citadel was truly a special bloc as well and its to bad we'll never see anything like it again. Signed, Methrage, Senator, High Court Judge & King of the FCC
  2. I suggest you revert back all the account settings on the Noctis Lucis Caelum account; except the ban can stay. Unless you're trying to bait me into making the jobs of you mods more difficult and encouraging others do the same until you fix it.


    Profile picture, name, member title, all of it. Until that has been done or the account is deleted from your database; I'll be motivated to screw with you guys until you remove the clown account.

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      Please provide a link to your old avatar. The signature was in violation of our standards, but I'll revert it to blank.

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      Think I used that for my Avatar, unless I had to adjust it for size constraints.

      My custom text was "True King"; and I guess this is farewell.


      Thank you to Admin and all the Mods who did make CN worth playing so long. Good luck and sorry I snapped.


      This was the traditional Avatar I used for this Sephiroth Account if you feel like setting that as well.




      Goodbye and Happy New Years to All of You!

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      I liked the profile pic/name/member title the Mods chose better.


      There should be a poll allowing the community to vote on which we prefer to laugh at more when we visit the closed OP for nostalgic purposes. :popcorn:

  3. Sephiroth

    Nations of Anarchy

    I. Nations of Anarchy is an freedom-oriented club who believe in Anarchy and Freedom. II. Full Members get equal vote on club activities. All Club activities which violate the Non-Aggression Principle or put us at risk requires a vote. If a member violates our trust and principles, theor punishment is put to a vote. III. Members agree to resolve conflicts with other members internally. IV. Prospectso can become full voting members with unanimous support from other full members. V. Organization President Vice President All who can see the law is tyranny and we need change can join. Anarchists of all types, Agorist, III Percenter, 1 Percenter, Libertarian of all types, Anarchist Hackers, Preppers, Gun Nuts, we have a lot in common. Doesn't matter your nation size or past conflicts we'very had. It's in the past, we are a club of people networking to debate and share view points, advice, gun advice, where we can enjoy the most freedom. If some big nations join to bank roll our growth, then we will grow faster and turn at least one color fully Libertarian. It is through gaining power we can spread Libertarianism, but most of all we are a social club who's nations are just a tool to spread Libertarianism to the masses. When we reach 5 members, I will setup a professional forum with no ads.
  4. What I would want is an alliance who aid bombs full members until they are 5k infra & nuclear capable if nation follows instructions on how to use it most effectively. Then these nations are expected to dedicate a few slots towards programs to help other new members achieve the same. The goal would be an alliance with 100% of their nations worth keeping nuclear capable. If an alliance has enough nations to aid bomb my nation up to par; then I can coordinate and expansion to make all nations nuclear powers. What I'm not interested in is alliances who purposely keep many of their members poor, so they can use them for tech. If I join an alliance, I would want it time be one who wants to be elite. Numbers don't matter compared to real warrior nations. If there is an alliance out there who has the resources to at least build my nation up quick using spare slots, then if they have motivation to see all their nations built up; I could coordinate such a program. I have implemented programs like this in the FCC with great success. Such a program just needs enough large nations willing to dedicate a slot for the good of the alliance to work. I know I have burned bridges and made some enemies since resigning from my position as King of FCC. Although nothing personal, I had just lost all purpose here and tried finding some fighting for what I thought right. However I'm willing to go back to playing serious again if I find a good alliance, who wants to maximize strength per nation. Those who want me to join can PM your offer and I'm willing to keep who my rerolled nation is a secret from all other alliances.
  5. Thank you to all my allies and friends who have helped make CN. However the Libertarian Empire is deleted and my time here over. Special Thanks to Sigrun Vapneir, Sir Kiloist, aNiMaLz, ericsw, kingneptune & Minc. All fearless & great warriors who don't take BS from anyone. Thanks to Admin and Mods for the fun experience. Also to the villains who made things fun. o/ Libertarianism The Libertarian Empire in game is deleted, but the Libertarian ideas I've devoted my time spreading have succeeded. o7 FCC o7 The Citadel o7 aNiMaLz o7 Limitless Nexus o7 Gremlins o7 Aesir o/ Libertarian Everything Legalize Cannabis for all, Vote Freedom for Everyone! Vote Libertarian!
  6. Maybe. Also whether someone is a member or leader within the LPC depends on the individual and not the alliance. The LPC can't force rules on member alliances, the LPC exists only as a concept to bring out the best in people and anything resembling a leader of the LPC exists only as much as others want to follow the lead of others. Members don't need to get voted in, they are only members as much as they are perceived to be based on present actions. SNX can never monopolize the LPC their own, at best he show leadership by showing them the right direction. SNX voting for Senators who haven't agreed to Libertarian Manifesto proves they aren't LPC. The LPC is a leaderless movement, where anyone can rise to the moment and help lead people. The LPC was never an alliance bloc, but purely a political organization. Each SNX Senator would need to agree with the LPC manifesto. SNX voting non-LPC senators at the expense of the last LPC senator losing their seat would prove they have 0 LPC I reserve the right to revive the LPC under my leadership at anytime if Sigrun and aNiMaLz both give up on the Senate or stop recognizing you as the LPC. You won't have inherited the LPC just by pushing all LPC senators out. Maybe I'll make it better next time.
  7. You can do simple math on who you're pushing out with a second SNX Senator. Although at this point it seems Sigrun doesn't want my help keeping a Senate Seat or Sigrun wouldn't have sided with you. So I guess it's none of my concern as long as Sigrun chooses the Imperium's side regardless of what happens with the Senate as a result.
  8. Junka made it sound like Sigrun would support his position in the LPC because SNX supports Sigrun's seat. Although its ironic to see you guys already decided to replace Sigrun on the Senate regardless of Sigrun signing off on this announcement.
  9. You shouldn't be in Gov, look at what you're already trying by taking all the LPC senate seats for SNX after they let you call yourself government there.
  10. What demands and are you referring to your harassment of the LPC; as you called us terrorists for defending?
  11. The part on nobody from the LPC needing a seat apart from SNX, since you can then take away all power the LPC has over how the Senate is used? I'm surprised the founding LPC members are still going along with your scheme. The LPC used to depend on support from nations scattered across the Brown Team, but ever since the Imperium claimed LPC membership suddenly voting LPC hasn't been so popular. You're killing the LPC right in front of them, yet somehow convincing them its for the best. Although before this election ends, there is always that chance they will suddenly come to their senses and everything you've been working towards these last few months fall apart & you're revealed for what you are and always have been to the LPC.
  12. What was that alliance called again, where most of the former SNX joined after you became leader and aligned them with Doom Sphere? It was more than one or two people who left, also you dealt with those who didn't agree with you rather harshly using your Doom allies. There is a reason most former SNX members don't like you. After you did a full shift in their foreign policy by becoming a tech farm for their enemies, you later helped roll them alongside other Doom alliances to try making an example of them. Rewriting history to one or two people leaving when the entire alliance fractured after you took over is a bit much.
  13. You still haven't denied you're trying to take Sigrun's seat, you only claimed it doesn't matter if Sigrun has one anyways. Even now if CA & aNiMaLz asked me help save them from SNX's treachery, I would pull whatever strings I need to in order to ensure Sigrun doesn't lose this election. However if Sigrun loses this election, that really will be the end of the LPC.
  14. If it wasn't for CA supporting the Imperium, many more would vote Sigrun. However now Sigrun has allowed himself to become reliant on SNX to hold a seat and Junka would rather maximize SNX seats instead.
  15. If Sigrun is out, then the real LPC loses all Senate influence and it's just SNX holding influence. SNX never agreed as an alliance to become a full LPC members and respect their policies either. Seems you're trying to pull a fast one to wrestle all Senate influence from the LPC. You're making it harder rather than easier for Sigrun to hold a seat when you don't priorize Sigrun's seat before claiming extras for SNX. Seems clear it's just SNX holding influence on Brown you care about and this stunt where you pretend to be LPC is so they give up their Senate power without a fight.
  16. What I don't understand is why SNX seems to keep pushing a second SNX Senator in the top 5 despite pushing Sigrun out in the process. Wasn't the deal suppose to be SNX guarantees Sigrun's seat in exchange for Sigrun agreeing with Junka he's LPC? It looks like the LPC is dangerously close to holding no seats, since I still never saw the announcement on SNX officially joining as an alliance...
  17. Yet you add Supreme to your title in order to try giving people who have no idea the impression you're the leader.
  18. Even if you throw Supreme before your title, there does seem to be disagreement from the other Triumvir on who out ranks who. So a little early to be claiming yourself Caesar of the LPC.
  19. Doesn't really matter now, I just need to wait on my nation to delete from inactivity now. If this LPC thing can cause Junka to convert into an actual Libertarian, it wouldn't be so bad. However I don't like the idea in general of organizations calling themselves something they aren't, so I do expect him to uphold its Libertarian goals as much as possible for him if he wants to stay.
  20. The only posts I ever see from you are whining about me. I'm not sure when you got such an obsession over me, considering I don't even know you and have had almost no communication with you.. You were whining a lot about us fighting back during the Kashmir War and I might have responded to you once, but it seems like your last reason left for posting will disappear when I leave; despite you just being that guy who I see is always angry for no reason as I skip by their posts. Sad really.
  21. I'm saying he was the most vocal and the two couldn't be seperated. He also had a lot of views on Doomism and made more essays on it than anyone else on it. NPO went out of their way to say Junka wasn't speaking for them when he tried describing their ideology.
  22. Sephiroth

    Libertarian Forever, Legalize Freedom

    I might end up rerolling, but as long as Junka is a LPC leader, I have no intention of revealing my reroll to current LPC members. So this good-bye to all the great friends I've known in the LPC, unless a last minute change makes the LPC wake up to Junka ideologically destroying the LPC from within & they realize only my leadership can bring it back on track. Leading the LPC without making shady compromises against its ideals requires an unyielding attitude Had we brought Sigrun into the war against SNX, we would have won. So not asking others in the LPC for assistance to avoid bill lock and going into inactivity mode instead is what killed it. Reviving it now would require founding members to realize we made the LPC for idealogical reasons and nor for power. It was to spread Libertarianism & rid the Brown Team of Sanctions completely. Although I'll be rerolling and joining a new alliance soon, so if you guys want to run the LPC into the ground; I'll just need to create something greater later on after I've built up power with my reroll Good luck to all former friends, allies, and those I fought alongside in epic wars. o7 Signing out
  23. Sephiroth

    Considering Joining a New Alliance

    I was on vacation and out of the country with no reception. By the time I came out of inactivity you guys had aligned with Junka and he continued hitting my nation already way in bill lock even further. When your allies befriend your enemies, it's demotivating. Didn't log back on after that until I did so to delete and reroll. I apologize for leaving, that is it. Junka will be the downfall of the LPC. I decided to give saving LPC one more shot before giving up on it, but both aNiMaLz & CA seem to value Junka more. The guy who was always opposed to the LPC on an idealogical basis. Sorry I left the leadership vacuum, but you can't claim I didn't try freeing the LPC from him before moving on. CA & aNiMaLz rejecting me leaves no choice but to abandon the LPC. Sorry it didn't work out.
  24. If enough minarchists, anarchists, Libertarians, and socialist Libertarians want a clan which bindicates us beyond our nation. We could create the greatest community ever. I love guns, Freedom, debating different anarchist views and how to prepare a government collapse. If people with the same interests still are around, let's band together and create the most Libertarian Clan ever. Ideology test to join and an alliance who promotes freedom when forced into action. Let's change the landscape or disappear due to growing apathy. If enough want in, I'll stay on a new nation. Although without a Libertarian alliance, there is nothing left for me here. I welcome Agorism, Anarchists & Libertarians of all flavors. Debate is healthy, together and working together we have much more power to make real change than any of you might think. Nations of Anarchy is the current name, but if benter names are suggested and supported by most; it could change. If you love freedom, you are betraying yourself if you devote yourself to alliances who don't value it; as you let a false sense of obligation cause you to fade away in clans with no ambition or real brotherhood. I have one foot out the door, but if enough want to make CN fun again and network with like minded people; I'm willing to give CN another chance. Liberty or Death, Molon Labe, Free State Project, Freedom is a State of Mind