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  1. Don't make up stuff? Are you seriously that thick? GATO middle tier and lower tier never made it out of PM. The entire war I was able to only engage 4 GATO nations within my range with none of them actual declarations on me and I believe 3 of them being top tiers who were dragged down to my range. I was only able to engage the 4th in the last 2 days after I stopped checking my nation for a week because of no open targets, and you know the funny thing Dre4mwe4ver fought better in those 2 days then the other 3 combined. So don't try to enhance GATO's crappy performance, I was one of the other people sitting around waiting for you guys to show up while ninja danced around saying you would.
  2. Touche, I give you that point :P.T Though while it may not hold value with you. It may with your peers, the ones you actually might value. Like they say, everything you do and say has a ripple effect.
  3. Yes, because 1 nation makes up the main mass of GATO, stop playing the fool.
  4. But is it worth being called cowards in return? (Talking about GATO, not you personally)
  5. You say that like staying in PM the whole war is a actual tactic.
  6. When you bring out your entire alliance and beat RnR, you can call it a rout.
  7. I'm not even getting that at the moment :(
  8. What was the major issue at the founding of PF and nearly did not see it come about? what was the main and often constant issue within PF? The whole point of PF was to change course and make it ours, not enable TOP's allies to think of us as a extension of you. But you were happy with that thought, and that was the killing blow for PF.
  9. Maybe something with claiming holding PF above any other treaty when really you were not. Now you can stand there and claim anything in the sky but you and me both know which side you were backing and which side you were trying to save face with.
  10. Trade sanction, really? You just moved my efforts from your side in general to now just you. How about now?
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