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  1. I remember when he had the accident, and that was pretty sad. I do not know if this is related to that event, but regardless, a pretty sad day. He seemed like a cool guy to talk to. - Damsky
  2. AnCapistan

    Good Clippers

    Were you looking for this?
  3. This makes me happy. Justice has been served. You got off lucky, Sparta.
  4. Why am I not up here? [b]I singlehandedly destroyed an alliance of 76 you !@#$%^&*. Don't I at least get something shiny?[/b]
  5. It's of course terrible. Not because of the whole arresting people without trial. Without a doubt that is terrible. But it in no way affects as many innocent and peaceful people as our current desire to intervene in the affairs of other people. Wherever we go, wherever we fight, we only bring pain and suffering to innocent people. It's high time we've STOPPED these wars and gotten out of the business of violating the sovereignty of other nations. If nations wish to live like animals I am perfectly inclined to let them. And don't say "Well, if the US doesn't project its power onto the world,
  6. [quote name='stockhunter' timestamp='1322892353' post='2860150'] says the alliance who just lost to Legion [/quote] Go home, NSO.
  7. [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=97178]I would like to nominate myself for single-handedly obliterating an alliance of 76 nations[/url]
  8. Since when has MK been on Maroon?
  9. [quote name='Vandal' timestamp='1322802422' post='2858994'] Me personally? No, not really. But then again Sponge rolled alliances for others saying less about him and Polar. It's not like Polar never enforced stupid terms now is it? Nooooo. Of course not. And I'm not kidding. It was a mistake. Just not for the reasons you think it should be. [/quote] Nice try at deflection. "Well he did it, why can't we!"
  10. An internet charisma course isn't going to solve such a massive, systemic problem. The cowardice and lack of initiative-taking in this game has permeated every crevice of every alliance in existence. No one wants to take any risks. No one wants to try to build any big aggressive blocs. No one wants to do anything "evil". We've entered such a stage of being massive !@#$%*^ that the sheer thought of offering an alliance something like a viceroy becomes vomit inducing. Our wars have becoming little more than pissing matches. Our current war has completely signaled the annihilation of any interest
  11. [quote name='Vandal' timestamp='1322801647' post='2858974'] Nah, that was a mistake. Really, it was. It gave you the wrong impression that some of us cared what would happen to you. [/quote] You only cared so much as to literally tell his alliance that if he talked you would destroy them, right? But yeah, you don't give a !@#$. Tough guys!
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