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  1. AnCapistan

    Good Clippers

    Were you looking for this?
  2. It's of course terrible. Not because of the whole arresting people without trial. Without a doubt that is terrible. But it in no way affects as many innocent and peaceful people as our current desire to intervene in the affairs of other people. Wherever we go, wherever we fight, we only bring pain and suffering to innocent people. It's high time we've STOPPED these wars and gotten out of the business of violating the sovereignty of other nations. If nations wish to live like animals I am perfectly inclined to let them. And don't say "Well, if the US doesn't project its power onto the world, people will surely aggress against us. We need to show we are strong." that is an incredibly weak argument. No one believes we are weak. I'm almost certain we have enough nuclear weapons (we have 5000) to kill 99% of the world's population, probably numerous times over. No one is going to attack us if we do not give them provocation.
  3. Step 1: Do something to make Legion look stupid Step 2: Sit back and enjoy the idiotic mindless hailing
  4. Read his first one of these and you'll find out why he won't do that. It's here! Quick question, is your girlfriend/ex-girlfriend a "mindless cog in the machine whose only discernible impact in life is enriching others via escapist consumerism & mindless materialism promoted by the global corpocracy"?
  5. What's wrong with D.Wade? I can see hating on Lebron, but D. Wade's alright.
  6. Maybe it's because they've been paying into the system for their whole life?
  7. I was hoping he'd get hit with one when playing the Kings. goddamnit.
  8. I'm going to laugh when him picking up another T causes the Lakers to lose it all.
  9. !@#$, and doritos and Mts Dew. But this is the first time in like 5 years, I swear.

  10. lol, but I *am* eating frozen quesadillas

  11. Considering Revanche's argument basically amounted to "no u, do somethin bout it" it's pretty fantastic.
  12. Seems like a valid CB to me.
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