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  1. 😒 I don't think there is any actual sorrow in this
  2. Dragon > Phoenix Unfortunately I'm in anarchy. 😢
  3. Was "my mom says I'm special!" one of your favorite sayings growing up?
  4. I'm the founder, but no longer the Emperor. I stepped down in 2013. I'm just a small mouthpiece of government now. I don't make the decisions as to what is or isn't released. I feel confident that it's not a war of extermination. PZI went away long ago. Forced disbandment as well. Also, we hold not treaties, public or private, with DBDC.
  5. Wow, this is like fatalistic, hyporbolic persecution porn. Get a grip. 🙄
  6. That's hurtful. 😢
  7. Argent's first war was defending Poison Clan...now here we are fighting their spiritual descendents. Shouldn't plot, it's bad juju.
  8. So many words. 🙄 CBs, now and then, as exactly as "valid" as the force you can project. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. Lowsten is terrible even if he managed to get it right this time.
  9. This also makes sense. And says alot about you...JUST SAYIN'
  10. Rabble Rabble Rabble. Valid CB! No U! All this and more on the Groundhog's Day...ever repeating... episode, of Planet Bob.
  11. *Dragon Emperor Emeritus - Janax You spelled it wrong.
  12. 🙄 You guys haven't had dragons in years. I mean, unless we include "dragon" things across your chin.
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