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  1. Rabble Rabble Rabble. Valid CB! No U! All this and more on the Groundhog's Day...ever repeating... episode, of Planet Bob.
  2. I find it hilarious that the feature is powerful enough to destroy us all if the cap is removed. But seriously, removing the cap would destroy us all. This is a terrible idea. I think I'd be ok
  3. janax

    Survivor 9

    For all the talk of "got this one"...Argent is 2 time defending champs. Gotta go through us for any survivor related function.
  4. Really? No long term effect? So I start with 14 nukes. I get hit by 3 nations. They spy 1 nuke. I have 13, I go to nuke all 3 nations (as we are on the stomped side). It takes 5 nukes to get all 3 opponents (SDI), I am at 8 nukes. I rebuy 1. 9. Next day, another lost, 5 to nuke all 3, rebuy 1. I now have 4 nukes. After 2 days. You don't see the issue with that? From Day 3 on, I can buy and fire one nuke and have a 60% of nuking 1 person.
  5. Limiting nukes to 1 per 1K infra would give a huge boost to recruiting alliances and the curbstomping side of a war. As it stands, the ability to drop nukes is what keeps the outnumbered side from being rolled until people get tired of it (as they continue to take good amounts of damage from the nukes)
  6. I didn't vote for you. I thought we were an anarcho-syndicalist commune. Taking turns being the Viceroy for a week
  7. Article III NSO and RoK will defend each other militarily in the case of an attack upon one another. Should the attack be due to any other treaty, defense is not mandatory but encouraged. Article IV If we want to hit you together, then we will Looks like an MDoAP to me.
  8. It is an MDoAP...if they won't come in, just hit Legion yourselves, citing the Aggressive portion.
  9. No, it will be a slaughter. And it will wait until they grow, so there is more to take away from them.
  10. What does a GM have to do with Religion? Also, spying is a cb, should it be decided to be seen as such.
  11. janax

    My Final Four picks:

    Hoo couldn't pick his teeth.
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