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  1. You must be hallucinating, I see nothing. At least no Peeping Tom... a peeping Bruce perhaps?

  2. Good sir, there is a peeping tom in the back of your sig.

  3. Ok, we aren't that dumb. Rush had a good argument, but the decision was made that he didn't have enough to back it up. I may have said that it wasn't necessary to show me screens at the time, but he still should have taken them before time ran out. When this sort of thing happens, you need proof because you never know who is going to ask for it. Just because the #2 guy believes or offers to solve it in one way, does not mean that the #1 guy agrees. Perhaps if I were available I would not have agreed with Fernando and tried to solve it in a simpler way, because that's how I roll. Not that I look for the easy way out, but to turn something so futile into something so large is just so unnecessary. OR maybe Fernando could have swayed me to his point of view. After the decision was made, I made my own decision that it was too late to turn back and assumed it was finished. Had Rush had screens, we would have supported his argument more than we did. Sure they can be doctored, but if Great1 had not been able to show us otherwise then Rush would have gotten his way. If Great1 had shown otherwise and we had different screens from each person, then further investigation would have been done until it was solved. My one big mistake was that I took this into my own hands, and failed to inform Fernando who only found out when Rush came seeking military clearance. I was not around last night due to RL, and Fernando made his decisions without me (but with knowledge of what i had said). I have plenty of authority, but when he technically has more power than I. He made his decision and no one fought it. I thank Rush for being so understanding through this, very few people would take something like this as he did and it is highly respectable. He has proven that he is very fit for his job.
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