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  1. Congrats Teddy, I hope you enjoy your next 1000 days even more than the first 1000!
  2. I like Gotham, and as a leader of a small alliance with a bad past I will tell you to ignore the haters, follow constructive criticism and move on from the past and be all you can be. Good luck with everything!
  3. You probably don't know me well, but I remember you from my time in Sparta (and have recognized you since), and I want to say congrats!
  4. Many congrats to my beloved allies! Sandler's description brightened my day. o/ o/ o/
  5. o/ FAR's newest allies,born of some of our oldest friends! Glad to see this finally complete. Also, Chey you now lead an alliance treated to FAR. I win. u mad?
  6. o/ UINE, no one could ask for better allies. You fought bravely and even got a few surrenders out of it I love Keve and Lube all the way to the bank
  7. [quote name='Rush Sykes' timestamp='1297724977' post='2633518'] [b]Aside from[/b] far, my favorite alliance that we were fighting. I considered them friends before the war, and I hope nothing has strained or damaged that. Congrats to all of us. [/quote] fixed. Also about the tail end of that quote, if Athens acted the same to tLW as they did to FAR, then I'm sure no friendship damage was caused Congrats on peace tLW, every moment that you fought after we got out, I felt bad for not being by your sides anymore. Now let's all rebuild! o/ tLW
  8. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. We did as much as we could, and only wish we could have helped out more.The odds were against us, but we stuck it out. That's more than many others can say. We wish the best of luck to our friends and allies who continue to fight.
  9. Sonic, you lied to me. You're cut off from pizzas for a week. o/ NX, this is a bold move and I'm proud that you spawned from our loins
  10. why you gotta name drop my forums? I'm going to ignore the question, as I cannot answer. Only the leaders of PB/CnG could answer, and I highly doubt that they will.
  11. o/ UINE You are brave men, Keve is beloved!
  12. Welcome to the fight my brothers, all hail the bisexual alliance!
  13. [quote name='Teddyyo' timestamp='1295486468' post='2584627'] Remember, I [i]did[/i] stop your alliance from dying one time. [/quote] Trust me, we were FAR from death. We have plenty of good friends who were ready and willing to help us out as we are willing to help them in this situation. Also, thanks to everyone who is supporting us
  14. [quote name='The Reccesion' timestamp='1295472167' post='2584264'] I was bored, thought I'd make my own FAR-iFOK propaganda. [img]http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp223/Harman05coolio/FART-1.jpg[/img] [/quote] Beautiful, exactly my kind of style too.
  15. [quote name='Silver Empress' timestamp='1294085664' post='2562195'] Actually we are all doomed. Clearly. [/quote] You could say that we're all boned. Many congrats to my friend BONES
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