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  1. Just people doing their normal bouncing between AAs. No question they'll get there during this war, but I doubt it's very high on their priority list.
  2. I read the line about putting magicninja in charge and all I could think of was how hard the gears in OsRavan's head would start churning about how to crisis manage the situation. Twas a great good read and a great laugh. Maybe I'll have to drag my largely retired self off the couch stop on by TLR's forums sometime so you can get to know FTW a bit more.
  3. And yet in either case, it should probably be expected when dealing with a bloc MADP.
  4. I'm not sure my memory back to 2007 or so is terribly clear anymore, actually.
  5. Well, this seems to be a mildly disappointing train wreck all around.
  6. Good to see the ink dry on this.
  7. I didn't realize you were still around, blade. Good to see.
  8. Excellent. It's all coming together nicely now.
  9. More a C4 or 1MR Vortex kinda guy, myself. Congrats on the parties involved.
  10. Don't look at me. I wanted to make the cancellation terms include feasting on rats and a multitude of serpents.
  11. There are so many lines in that song that feel like they apply so very heavily to some of those involved in this situation.
  12. The amount of derp already here is simply astronomical.
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