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  1. I read the line about putting magicninja in charge and all I could think of was how hard the gears in OsRavan's head would start churning about how to crisis manage the situation. Twas a great good read and a great laugh. Maybe I'll have to drag my largely retired self off the couch stop on by TLR's forums sometime so you can get to know FTW a bit more.
  2. As a recent addition to the whole "parent" thing, I can't imagine how difficult this situation is for the family, and I pray for their daughter's safe return.
  3. Congratulations, Fark. For too long, you've let those evil 40k NS nations keep you down and oppress your peoples. Surely, sanctioning someone with no trades or other ties to Aqua will turn the tide of this great war in your favor. Your strategy and wit is to be commended. Bravo. *golfclaps*
  4. Neither alliance is one I'd want to be in the crosshairs of, simply because both tend to be very well coordinated and very deadly (although I'd say that traditionally NEW tends to be a bit more coordinated largely due to the timezone synchronicity among their memberbase). While NoR's standing navy is much larger, an alliance militarizing for combat doesn't need very long to pack on a lot of extra naval ships when needed. As far as who would win/lose, I'd put this one as a draw. Neither alliance could hope to "win" as they'd both likely grind each other to a fine powder before one relented, and both are so close in terms of firepower. NEW gets an edge though as they annoy New Frontier.
  5. Don't use record players or reel-to-reels at all, but I did just start work on restoring an old HF radio receiver from 1946.
  6. Yeah, upgrading can be a pain. My fiance and I just finished smashing together parts from my 11 year old desktop and her 7 year old desktop together and picked up a few parts to make the resulting box as upgraded as it can go. Took a few weeks to get everything to play well together, though.
  7. I am fortunate enough to live in an area that doesn't see much for earthquakes (in the middle of the continental US), but even we have gotten some before, albeit not very severe. We had a ~4.0 quake about a month ago. What we do get is tornados, and this year has been really bad for them.
  8. Sounds to me like Jaier is just another internet weasel who needs his head examined and a boot up his backside (in that order, since part of the head examination requires removing it from inside the second area to clear room for the boot).
  9. Ladies and Gentleman, we give you Zog: CN's Favorite Stunt Double. Best of luck getting all that sorted out.
  10. well they aren't necessarily married.I don't know what the law is like in California. Up here in Ontario, if a couple lives together for a year or more, they are considered to be common-law. All this really means is that they can take advantage of whatever tax goodies exist for married couples. (Trust me, there aren't many.) Less than a year is acceptable if there's a child involved. So under Canadian law, they could be treated as a married couple for the purposes of spousal/child support and so on, provided one filed the appropriate paperwork in court. Most states in the US I believe have 3-5 years for common-law to kick in.
  11. I just about died laughing with this. Good job.
  12. Just saw on the boards your birthday is today, so I figured I'd pop on in and give you the normal Happy Birthday wishes. Hope it went well for ya.

  13. Raid targets that fight back are rogues? Sounds to me like a few people need to get bludgeoned with dictionaries, as that makes no sense whatsoever, in my opinion.
  14. Truly a hideous choice of evils, and I do not envy MK for having to make that decision.
  15. I seem to recall an old alliance or two doing that (I think it may have been ICP or one of the other Leftist groups, but I don't remember exactly).
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