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  1. Dante the Poet

    Alliance War Resignations/Surrenders

    I, Mak Stormwielder hereby surrender to Nordreich to end the suffering of those unready.
  2. Dante the Poet

    Message from the Cybernations Genealogical Society

    You got it wrong lol, it should be.
  3. Dante the Poet

    Another SOS Brigade Announcement

    I'd help you guys get to 1,000,000 but there isnt any room for space marines Good job and i hope ya reach atleast 750,000 by xmas
  4. Dante the Poet

    Libertarian Socialist Federation

    What are you waiting for? For awesomness join these guys now
  5. Dante the Poet

    The German Empire, Join Now!

    A friendly bump from someone who annoys you guys in irc
  6. Dante the Poet

    Libertarian Socialist Federation

    I think everyone should seriously consider joining these guys since they are allied to a bunch of space marines
  7. Dante the Poet

    A NATO/LSF announcement

    Congrats on the awesome treaty
  8. Dante the Poet

    Libertarian Socialist Federation

    Keep being awesome B)
  9. Dante the Poet

    The International

    Just a bump from yer most annoying protectorate
  10. Dante the Poet

    SOS Brigade

    Bump cause you guys are awesome
  11. Dante the Poet

    Announcements from the SOS Brigade

    SOS Brigade is awesomesauce, I know you guys will be here for a long time. If someone like me can manage to lead an alliance for aslong as I have, Arrnea will have no difficulty in leading SOS Brigade until time itself cease to exist
  12. Dante the Poet

    Socialism? Anime? and OH MY

    This is awesomesauce This makes me very happy
  13. Dante the Poet

    An Ultimatum to iFOK

    YouMaka is awesome cause they have Mak in their name
  14. Dante the Poet

    /A\/A\ Declares .dotdot..dot..

    If you guys need any help/aid just ask me