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  1. Lord Boris

    Aliquam Caelo

    Always good to see two allies getting closer.
  2. Lord Boris

    Hello there.

    Welcome back.  You are, of course, absolutely out of your damn mind coming back to this cesspit, but to each their own.
  3. Lord Boris

    Spartan Treaty Announcements

    Some interesting moves, and I look forward to seeing what Sparta has cooking next.  You guys surprised me a bit this war with how much better you fought than some others on the front, so there's definitely some potential for some solid political moves going forward.
  4. Lord Boris

    Glorious Peace

    That was fun.  Managed to find a few Spartans that fought back on a regular basis, which was refreshing.  Special props to Lukapaka, who probably had the best overall attitude of anyone I crossed swords with on this front.
  5.   If memory serves, that was the War of the Coalition.  I remember heads started exploding in IRC channels when GLoF went in because one orange alliance hitting another at the time was one of those nearly unthinkable concepts because of OUT and just how heavily tied a decent chunk of the sphere was.  Most of us in TORN were actually more inclined to laugh at the situation moreso than anything else, simply because we knew the kind of pile-on it was going to trigger.
  6.   To the outside community, that endorsement is really when it comes down to it the only one most of the OWF really cares about as far as who really leads over there. :P
  7.   Your reading comprehension is a bit lacking.  This just shuts down the AFM/DL front.  It doesn't change any of the ongoing declarations on the other fronts.
  8. Lord Boris

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Only because the Committee for the Advancement of Sycophants has determined you no longer have need of a neck or anything above that level and have thus removed the superfluous mass. Feel free to share your rapid weight loss success story with the customer service department, and congrats on achieving those New Year's weight loss goals.
  9. Lord Boris

    Hershey-Nascar War Stats, powered by RI5

    I thought TOP was the new peace mode jokes :(
  10. Lord Boris

    The Wolf War ends

    Which is oddly fitting for something that traditionally starts with a blitz.
  11. Lord Boris

    The Wolf War ends

    One down, three to go.
  12. Lord Boris

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Given the total coma they've been in since Grudge, it's probably a safe bet they won't at all.
  13. Lord Boris

    The Wartime Comics Thread

      Gotta say I agree on this one.  If a war is "fair," then it's probably a good indication your pre-war planning sucked.
  14. Lord Boris

    Happy Holidays from GLoF

    Happy hunting, GLoF.
  15. Lord Boris

    Title: Happy Holidays from the MHA

      And you're historically not good at that, either.  
  16. Lord Boris

    Title: Happy Holidays from the MHA

      History is written by the winner.  You're anything but.
  17. Lord Boris

    Dark Templar DoW

    Unleash the Templars.  And cats.  Cats are savage things.
  18. Lord Boris

    Yes, Another One

    Happy hunting to DS and whoever else is riding the train.
  19. Lord Boris

    Title: Happy Holidays from the MHA

        Why come at you when you've already fired the first shot?
  20. Lord Boris

    Title: Happy Holidays from the MHA

        Clearly MHA doesn't read well, I guess.
  21. Lord Boris

    Wars Ought To Have Meaning

    The insinuation that this war established the precedent for "no CB needed" is so ignorant of reality I would have expected it to have been a Tywin thread.  Some of the first big wars in CN were started for reasons such as "taking our oxygen."  A casus belli literally is just a reason for war.  Who the frack actually cares what it is?  "I don't like you and I want to nuke you until you glow and steal your tech in the dark" is just as valid as "you peed in my friend's kool-aid and need to be punished."
  22. Lord Boris

    Another Declaration by FTW

      Had to get out of nuke anarchy before the backhanding could commence. :P
  23. Lord Boris

    Recognition of Hostilities

    To be completely fair, I think a lot of people thought they disbanded years ago.
  24. Lord Boris

    An Official Announcement from MI6

    Just another day on Her Majesty's Not-So-Secret Service.