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  1. Icheliebebrad

    Happy Holidays from GLoF

    Great allies, as always! o/ GLoF o/
  2. Icheliebebrad

    7 Years of Umbrella

    Congrats, Umbrella!
  3. Icheliebebrad

    Cybernations Awards 2014

    Alliance of the Year - NPO Most Powerful Alliance - IRON Best Military - Sengoku Best Rookie Alliance - FTW Most Powerful Bloc - Aztec Best Flag - DBDC Most Active Alliance - MI6 Best Diplomatic Team - Umbrella Best Economic System - Umbrella Best Propagandist - Hartfw Scariest Alliance - DBDC Best Alliance Growth - IRON Best Forums - Aztec Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2015 - FTW Player of the Year - Bob Most Powerful Player - Auctor Best Alliance Leader - Auctor Most Controversial Player - Tywin Lannister Nicest Player - almightyhero Funniest Player - Auctor Most Active Player - Hartfw Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2015 - Auctor Most Hated Poster - Tywin Best Treaty Announcement - DT/IRON Worst Diplomatic Move - Sparta trying to start shit     Worst Alliance - SNX Worst Sphere - Anything not Aztech Worst Poster - Tywin Most Annoying Poster - Tywin Biggest Mouth - Tywin Biggest !@#$ - Tywin Quietest Power Player - Bob
  4. Icheliebebrad

    Dark Templar DoW

      We are exercising our oA clause in our treaty with Doom Squad and declare war on Fark. o/ and stuff
  5. Icheliebebrad

    Genmay 2.0 DoW

    Good luck to our good friends and ally at Umb! o/
  6. Icheliebebrad

    An Official Announcement from MI6

    Good luck to our allies at IRON! o/
  7. Icheliebebrad

    Oh The Carnage

    Good luck to our allies at DS! o/
  8. Icheliebebrad

    Declaration of War

    Good luck to our allies at IRON! o/ 
  9. Icheliebebrad

    FTW Declaration of War

    Give 'em hell, FTW! o/
  10. Icheliebebrad

    Aurora Borealis Declaration of War

    Good luck to our close friends in AB ! o/
  11. Icheliebebrad

    Disciples in a Sandstorm

    Good luck to both parties.
  12. Icheliebebrad

    Seven Nation Aftermath

    DT's not in the war! :)
  13. Icheliebebrad

    Seven Nation Aftermath

    Way to hid half of your guys' nations in peace mode!
  14. Congratulations to those who were elected.