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  1. You caught us, everyone back to the MK AA. We'll have to wait a while for our next wacky hijinx, user "Tywin Lannister" is on the ball.
  2. We attacked you BEFORE you said anything and frankly I think Mistra and I are regretting it
  3. Why don't you stop complaining about our choice in targets and go back to doing nothing for the last six years?
  4. Supreme Allied Commander Rey the Great would have something to say about that.
  5. We conquered the world many times over, you made a failed brony alliance.
  6. All are welcome to submit to the will of Allarchon, and join in righteous Jihad. All you must do is join Mushqaeda.
  7. To: sandwich controversy From: Karole Date: 3/20/2013 12:00:02 AM Subject: Defeat Alert Message: Your nation has been defeated in battle. You do not have enough troops to defend your nation and your government has been thrown into Anarchy. You have lost all of your tanks, 5 spies, 41.66 infrastructure has been destroyed, 10.42 technology was lost and $5,000,000.00 of your money reserves was destroyed due to the invasion and resulting riots. What troops you did have deployed have also been returned home. To: sandwich controversy From: Gyume Tenzen Konchog Date: 3/20/2013 12
  8. Did the Stratephor sign off on this announcement? I don't think it was authorized.
  9. Excuse me maybe you should [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offensive_realism]educate yourself[/url] on international relations before posting about them!!
  10. From: a coalition that edits out declarations of war and pretends they never happened.
  11. Excuse me TLR an attack against one is an attack against all
  12. Guys I don't know what you're doing haven't you heard "an attack against one is an attack against all"
  13. [quote name='Charles Stuart' timestamp='1358746871' post='3081786'] It pulls in any ally of the alliances that attacked umbrella. An attack on one is an attack on all. [/quote] Thanks, we kept forgetting. We'll take back all our wars now.
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