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  1. can't sleep NPO will roll me
  2. Varianz

    The dragon is dead!

    grats man good to hear that it went well, hope the recovery is smooth
  3. Varianz

    The 'C' word

    Cancer sucks bro. Just sucks. Hope everything goes well and you have a fast recovery.
  4. you guys rule, look forward to our next outing
  5. Next in the series: MK sends NSO aid, do the Sith secretly control Cybernations?
  6. This. Jesus guys, learn to read humor.
  7. So...they tried to recruit from a disbanded AA, which is totally normal, made a small error (it happens, I've done worse) and you feel the need to post this? Really?
  8. As I said on your forums, you should've signed an oDoAP with us and rolled Legion. Much fun would have been had.
  9. To be honest, I think terms like this would make CN a lot more interesting.
  10. Varianz

    Now I'm paranoid

    I sincerely hope that it's no one from CN. Good luck MVP.
  11. TE has a great deal of history and politics. It just happens much more behind the scenes then Standard Edition politics does. We've got our won Ivan's and Dilbers, our own Archons and Van Hoo's. We have our drama and our bickering and our rivalries. We have, in short, everything SE does. The one thing we have that Standard Edition players do not have is a lead on studying the decline of our game. We've been watching the numbers in TE fall for rounds and rounds now, and there have been several efforts, public and private, to reverse that decline. We've not been successful obviously. If anyone i
  12. [quote name='Overlord Wes' timestamp='1281041250' post='2401976'] Thanks for even posting here, almost a whole page of just me makes it seem like i'm the only person even looking at this thread [/quote] Nah, a lot of us read it, we just don't comment. Thanks for the work though! I've done it myself, I know how tedious it can be!
  13. How's it going? Been a while.

  14. You heard correctly...

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