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  1. can't sleep NPO will roll me
  2. Varianz

    The dragon is dead!

    grats man good to hear that it went well, hope the recovery is smooth
  3. Varianz

    The 'C' word

    Cancer sucks bro. Just sucks. Hope everything goes well and you have a fast recovery.
  4. you guys rule, look forward to our next outing
  5. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1327864009' post='2909625'] I love when people extrapolate wild and idiotic things out of my very plain comments. Of course I don't think that allies should stay allied forever. The simple fact of the matter is that you're in here talking about being unable to work with RoK's current gov when it is in fact pretty much the same gov you signed the treaty with. It's water-thin. And if this is true, how sad is it that RV can explain this better than yourselves? [/quote] Not sad at all since he was involved in the relationship? Four of the six NSO si
  6. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1327862963' post='2909601'] That is the nature of Moldavi's brainchild Democratic Autocracy. The government is a government to which you were previously amenable, Bob and Joe were removed for clearcut reasons, not on a whim. Just call it what it is: Rok is about to get rolled. [/quote] Yes NSO is well known for being scared of fighting a losing war. The government of RoK changed in two ways which made this cancellation necessary: first, the manner of its changing. Our system is governed by strict controls. What happened in RoK was a mini-civil war
  7. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1327817127' post='2909241'] 8. Start banning people for OOC attacks regardless of whether they were on-site or not. [/quote] Stop and think about this for about 30 seconds instead of just posting in a fit of faux moral outrage and you'll understand why this is such a retarded idea.
  8. [quote name='He Who Has No Name' timestamp='1327218289' post='2904612'] We were hunted mercilessly across this world and the next for [i]two years[/i] in a sadistic pogrom. We will [i]always[/i] have justification to level with NPO. [/quote] Get over yourselves. NPO et all, should've been harsher terms but congrats on your victory.
  9. Fark would love to make NPO the bad guy again. By refusing the entirely reasonable terms you've offered them, they hope to provoke you into demanding reps and making the world fear the "ebil NPO" again. Unfortunately for them, the entire world recognizes how !@#$@#$ retarded Fark are, and would have no sympathy for them if you levied reps. Hell, most would applaud you after they spit your offer back at you.
  10. No. Just no. Only Rebel Virginia may lead the glory that is FAIL.
  11. [quote name='Unknown Smurf' timestamp='1325646314' post='2891912'] Really? Did you see the NpO for most honorable..? [/quote] Well to be fair, Rotavele's entire list should get an award itself for dumbest post of the year. VE for biggest e-peen lol
  12. [quote name='Leet Guy' timestamp='1325633285' post='2891736'] no seriously keep making these nominations public, they're absolutely hilarious [/quote] I agree. My favorite so far is the the Xiphosis nomination for "most powerful player of the year".
  13. If you make it half an hour away from where I live, sure. If not, pass.
  14. [quote name='asawyer' timestamp='1325395700' post='2889882'] PM cycling while on the losing side of a war is a legit tactic. I've seen a whopping one alliance utilize this tactic correctly in the last two years, and I'm guessing they facepalm at every other alliance that claims to be employing this strategy. [/quote] What Polar is doing can't be called cycling. That would require that some of their nations actually leave peace mode, instead of just sitting in it.
  15. I'd suggest putting in an explicit time when nominations will be closed- 72 hours seems reasonable to me- to avoid potential !@#$%*ing from people who miss out.
  16. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1325032346' post='2887635'] Also, I'd like to tone down my language about NSO. They saw it as one war and RV was pretty honest about what went down. They took heavy damage themselves intentionally by going all out so they weren't really doing anything that bad, so I don't really fault them too much. [/quote] To be fair, several alliances were like us in that regard. We all knew it was part of the same war, but for rhetoric and propaganda purposes during the war, it was easier to try and spin it the other way. Once the war was over (and even during, since w
  17. [quote name='Heft' timestamp='1323846259' post='2877577'] lol, VE Also if people can't be bothered to write a treaty that doesn't contradict itself, or to amend the treaty text when you decide to make it mean something different, then why does anyone actually bother to write down treaties any more? But, whatever, have fun avoiding any meaningful action while your allies get stomped. [/quote] But Heft, all the best allies negotiate the amount of NS that gets to hit their treaty partners!
  18. Nuke a Viridian for me App. Or ten. Or all of them.
  19. Why yes, your alliance is quite large. Congratulations? Edit: and yes, you are a joke.
  20. I'm guessing you're not really in VE?
  21. Good luck to App and have some fun. [quote name='Rush Sykes' timestamp='1323663100' post='2874691'] On the bright side, this will open the door for NSO to defend NpO [/quote] I laughed, heartily.
  22. [quote name='foxfire99' timestamp='1323662903' post='2874677'] An hour is pretty well over the standard lag for a declaration. [/quote] See my edited comment.
  23. It's been like an hour. This was dumb. Edit: they just posted it in the wrong forums. It got plastered all over IRC though, making this doubly stupid.
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