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  1. I'm really enjoying watching NG show all the people who've pronounced it's irrelevancy utterly wrong. Congrats guys.
  2. Well this is probably not surprising to a single person. Nice to see it finally up.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what the apology clause is supposed to accomplish, are we all expected to suddenly believe MI6 genuinely hold themselves responsible for the war and that they didn't just sign that clause desperate to get out of the war? Whatever. Hopefully we can all move onto more interesting things now.
  4. I have literally never heard this before. This is the first time you've ever mentioned that you were Ivan's secret police and that he trusted you and only you. That you were a founding member of NSO and in fact the brains behind the operation, and that in fact you are destined to return us to greatness. Now that you've brought this to light for what is actually the first and only time you have ever posted that information, will you return to save us from Joe?
  5. The mental gymnastics in this thread, just damn.
  6. Posting demands on the OWF has a long and storied history of incredible success, brilliantly done!
  7. Oh for the love of god can we please not get into the whole "recognition of hostilities" vs "declaration of war" shitfest this war. Please. Just once. We all know exactly what everyone is doing on both sides when they post DoW's against just one alliance, or someone posts a "recognition of hostilities" instead of a DoW- please, can we just not try and justify it and just sit here and laugh that in 2015 people still bother to pretend that no one knows exactly why each side is doing what it's doing?
  8. Who the fuck would have ever guessed that TPF would cause an argument between NSOers and NGers christ these really are the end times
  9. Yeah there's a vast difference between us not directly fucking over our allies FA and NPO hitting an alliance that has burned for them a half dozen times just because. TPF obviously knew they were getting rolled and I frankly don't give a fuck if they do, there's not a lot of love lost between NSO and TPF. But given the 100+ million NS in Oculus and the many millions more on the sidelines, it's hilarious that NPO couldn't at least have the decency to hold off on hitting TPF themselves and let others do it. I don't know if it was an intentional choice by NPO, or just a misunderstanding of what it would look like, but either way it's entertaining.
  10. well this took a while but ok we're here, probably gonna be the most lopsided war in CN history unless a couple AA's decide to be suicidal
  11. someone needs to take this thread out back and shoot it
  12. This kind of discrimination against circle themed blocs will not stand.
  13. Well damn. Sucks to see ya'll go, you've always been one of my favorite alliances. Sharing RV's body membership with you was...a magical time. Good luck in your new homes.
  14. can't sleep NPO will roll me
  15. This is in fact literally exactly what happened. We had a rotating group of NSOers available 24/7 waiting for that intel report confirming you were broke. We set up a communications network unrivaled by anything in the world- we went without food, water and sleep...all so we could be ready for that moment. Worth it.
  16. Disorder wasn't predictable, it got completely flipped on its head a couple months before war. Not saying I disagree about this war, but unpredictability can happen.
  17. There will be no seperate peace for Stripes. In fact we told Stripes that if they peace out we'll have them rolled. Nice try Methrage but we're a bazillion steps ahead of you. The oppression will continue until morale improves.
  18. this thread is literally giving people cancer
  19. or maybe we want to join Polars side or maybe we did it because we're trying to collect all the superfriends (you're next GOD) or maybe NG made us do it to grow the gratasphere so many options! but really, these are cool. I wish you'd spent more time talking about treaty expiry dates though, I wish they were a more common thing.
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