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  2. NPO FIGHTS AS COWARDS. I go on VACATION for a FEW DAYS, and my NATION'S HARD WORK is completely DESTROYED. This is how the NPO prefers to fight, against enemies who can't possibly defend themselves! My SACRIFICE will show planet bob the monsters that you truly are NPO.
  3. YOU have NOT sent us in to anarchy. We glory in our TRIUMPH!
  4. How DARE YOU. After all that was lost when you were BETRAYED by the NPO, now you throw away your opportunity to take back what is RIGHTFULLY OURS? I will not stand for it. All FAN are REQUIRED to attack as of now. The titles are MEANINGLESS. You are all the SAME group of thugs that have been dragging peaceful alliances through the mud for ages now.
  5. How can ANYONE read this and not IMMEDIEATELY see the PROPAGANDA being SPEWED at us by this NPO lapdog. You do not CREATE technology, you STEAL it from those who have rightfully worked to build it on their own. This occurs because they are not CAPABLE ofa ctually building any technology on their own. as i said before, the SANCTION they have is a joke and should be immediately removed.
  6. The only reason NPO is sanction is BECAUSE OF THEIR TECH. NPO does not DESERVE their sanction as they have PREYED upon weaker alliances and nations to grab it. Already, the hordes are descending to take back what was WRONGFULLY STOLEN. The jackbooted thugs at the NPO (and their GOON/polar lackeys) are going to know what it feelsl ike to lose EVERYTHING they worked SO HARD, FOR SO LONG FOR. Now YOU will know THAT FEELING!
  7. You think your THREATS can scare me? The brown elections has already begun with METHRAGE, our loyal senator, far ahead of your candidates. He PROTECTS us from the ILLEGAL sanctions you are trying to put on us.
  8. Too BAD. We're rallying support to bring you guys down. It'snot gonna be pretty so watch your backs.
  9. We are the aNiMaLz, this is OUR JUNGLE, we are always aggressive and never give up! The NOBLE Sir Kindle has been kind enough to support me, and while it may not be military in nature WE are a FAMILY and always help each other out.
  10. aNiMaLz has joined the coalition to bring down the NPO
  11. Bring it on you fascists! I HATE fascists and id like to see you TRY to ZI us. And if it does come to that then SO BE IT. This is the NOBBLE sacrifice we make to honor our fallen aegis.
  12. To determine a persons true looks one should look for personal descriptions. Often on the first page of biographies. Most thinking and educated persons know a painter is paid to make his clients look good, so we need more sources to confirm a persons look. In 1848 during the FINAL REVOLUTIONS OR SPRINGTIME OF HUMANITY the French THIRD ESTATE were given political rights. They numbered now 97 percent of the population, and the first order of business was to have all old master portraits, already priceless: RESTORED. The claim was that the paint had DARKENED, the figures looked DARK. bECAUSE i RECKON THEY WERE dark AND PERSONAL descriptions TESTIFY TO THIS FACT. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutions_of_1848 BEHOLD THE MISSING LINK IN HISTORIOGRAPHY...... THE THIRD ESTATE were the pink people of Europe, numbered 97 percent and were civilised and christianised by the nice and VERY christian BLACKS? who were the first Europeans and come from AFRICA. sO A TRUE RESEARCHER ARMED WITH THIS INFORMATION WILL PUT ON HIS TWEED CAP AND GO TO A MUSEUM TO PEER AT THE PORTRAITS AND ASK QUESTION. tHEY KEEP A LOG OF EVERY PAINTING AND ALL LOGS MENTION 1848 as the earliest restoration. But claim not to know what was done, to correct the darkening of the paint. They over painted the hell out of the portraits to hide that pinks were immigrants in Europe since 3000 BC, and were considered pariahs. In this way the pinks were given a history, and believed they were superior to others.
  13. Ah, i see now, the REINCARNATION of the wolrd unity treaty is what is causing these avatars? Surely you now see that this is just the same thing that was happening so many years ago (btw the fact that ithappened a while ago doesnt mean it DIDNT HAPPEN so stop pretending that it didnt) i dont know much about this new bloc but if all the power is concentrated there that is what we must focus on dismantling. too many have already suffered because of things like this
  14. NOBLE Sir, Are you interested in an alliance against these GOONS. You are not the onl one who has been WRONGED by them. Send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE, i have a few others interested here too.
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