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  1. To determine a persons true looks one should look for personal descriptions. Often on the first page of biographies. Most thinking and educated persons know a painter is paid to make his clients look good, so we need more sources to confirm a persons look. In 1848 during the FINAL REVOLUTIONS OR SPRINGTIME OF HUMANITY the French THIRD ESTATE were given political rights. They numbered now 97 percent of the population, and the first order of business was to have all old master portraits, already priceless: RESTORED. The claim was that the paint had DARKENED, the figures looked DARK. bECAUSE i
  2. It doesnt matter, I have this platform, and im going to USE it
  3. The pinks do exist. Many of the Europeans that yousee featured in movies were not so white as they would have you beleived. Just look at Einstein's wife, a jewish negress.... A mother lovingly craddling her PINK child... Abraham lincoln was a melungeon, he BLACK... I have discussed this before... or wereyou not paying attention?
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutions_of_1848 According to a Wikipedia article about THE FINAL REVOLUTIONS and THE SPRINGTIME OF HUMANITY, in 1848 the 97 percent majority in all of Europe were given political rights and men were given universal suffrage. I believe this 97 percent majority were the pink Europeans. The 3 percent minority were the nobility and the bourgeoisie. They were descendents of the founders of Europe, who came from North Africa after the ice had melted 45.000 years ago. The pinks came around 3000 BC from Central Asia, and were never considered true Europeans; and were
  5. Miseducated friends, History as you have been taught and known it is mostly lies. On the surfaces, dates and major events are truth but THE REASONS they occured are not whay you thihnk. Why has this elaborate shroud been thrown over our eyes? That is what this blog intends to discover. Join me in my resaerch as I delve into the deep questions of history and we try to solve them, and maybe one day determine just who is reposonbible for the poor state of history education. (Hint: the educators themselves were miseducated)
  6. We study history to learn, and improve, ourselves, and our alliances, and the cybververse. In our studies we have always noticed that the NPO inflicts the cruelest, most inhumane punishments on its conqured foes. What iare these punishments you ask? It is simple. Most aliances, having declared their victory, simply ask for reparations. The most honorable alliances (such as those of the CoaLUEtion) ask only for an apology and peace to the turmoil. But no, glory hogs such as the NPO and their lackeys have to drag defeated alliances and countries through the mud for months and even eyars on
  7. No, you don't get to claim non involvement as an excuse! YOU are aware of their actions! You must suffer for them.
  8. History as we know it is a series of event that must be studied, to produce tangible effects. We make our prognoses based on what we have seen in the past. And we hold people ACCOUNTABLE for their past actions. The NPO's atrocities are numerous, as we can all agree. What we can't agree on, these cybernations nations, is that the NPO is RESPONSIBLE for the destruction of many nations/alliances/NAAC. In the aftermath of the "THIRD GREAT WAR" the NPO claimed total victory of the bob. but this was not enough for theM: their treachery knew no bounds, and by forcing one half of the world into
  9. This HEGEMONY, the NPO, must be held accountable for their atrocious actions throughout the years. Why are they still the major power in this, the world? Who is responsible for their rise to power? The answer is the gang of crooks that has run this organization since its inception, and a weak cybernations that have allowed the NPO to do what it wants while never holding them accountable. Why does one alliance get an entire trading sphere to itself? Hear me, those who are ready to start the resistance against this foul empire. A reign is only a reign so long as an ILLUSION of power is mai
  10. We study history to see the reason behind these wars. The tragedy, of MH17 can't be understated. Who is responsible? We need to hold the state of the Netherlands responsible for their atrocity. Where is the force behind the UN? Where is the moral indignation> These events are allowed to happen to give RUSSIA the WAR that it desires. The stataed intention here, to destroy the Baltic states, and subject the MUSLIMS to the scapegoat experience.
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