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  1. Your silence suggests to me your as retarded as your government and it also strongly implies you are unable to answer my reasonable questions due to your lack of intelligence. Keep promoting your alliance of wastemen and cowards. Look I will help you: If anyone wants to join this pathetic rabble of cowards and liars, if anyone wants to be a tech farm for an elite group of pixel hugging lames join KoRT today!
  2. Are you asking what you personally have done to me, or are you asking what the collection of cowards and frauds that you roll with have done to me?
  3. Awww little nerd. Do you feel the need to be relevant? O.K. You can jock US. Little coward jump on my threads. At least you know when you ride my coattails peoples will see your post. You are so pathetic. Your garbage men don't have your own business? I am looking at stats and you are getting lit up. Even when your alliance is getting curb stopped my business is more interesting than yours. You prove it by following me around. Your alliance is a joke. Your a coward and lame. Enjoy the ten seconds of lime light you get for posting on this thread, which is now.mine, your welcome. Your a pathetic loser in a grave alliance who would never be heard unless you rode threads that involved me. That what you loaders don't get. Your only relevant when you respond to me. I own you dummy. Don't you get it? I own you, SNX and doom. You lames love me to death. Can't get enough of me. Everywhere I post you puppy dogs like yourself, usmc, device (spelling off) and WC need to jock me.
  4. I disagree. But I do agree they live dog years or lives of a dog. In fact I have referred to these cowards as dogs for some time now so it's fitting their age is compared to dog years. No I don't respect their birth. For every one of them 20 nations deleted. No. They are cowards and liars. Their birth should be spit on not praised.
  5. This dude has offered clear empirical evidence he is flat out head over heels in love with me. The feeling is not mutual. I find you to be a boring, pixel hugging lame who was a big part of 2.0 sucking as much as it did.
  6. May DK rot in hell and may this new abomination take on the same mantle of scumbag cowards as its predecessors. Different name same lames. o/ LPC
  7. Why does your alliance harbor aNiMaLz recognized war criminals? I told your government month before your treaty with Scotland that they were on our ZI list. Why did your government sign a treaty with them knowing this? Do you have a morbid disposition for war with the family? Why didn't KoRT contact us before the signing? Do you think your going to rope a dope US into a war while we are fighting Doom cowards and SNX? Every war we ever spanked you in we were already fighting someone stronger than you guys. Next time we fight it will be one on one. Making treaties with known aNiMaLz enemies is enough for a reasonable CB. Especially since we went out of our way to tell you we were at war with Mungo and Scotland before, well before, the treaty was signed. At the time you guys didn't care cause he left on bad terms. Now after you kiss and make up it's a problem?
  8. I remember when AW first started. At the time I was in Goons 2.0 and there was a system in place called project RUKUNU. Basically what it consisted of was a group of us would just raid the hell out of a new alliance for awhile and then try to force it to disband. It was a lot of fun and my only fond memory of Goons. Well AW out of the blue treatied up with Sparta and we were told to stop since Sparta and 2.0 were homies it happened. AW would have gone the way of TAO if it were not for Bundy's quick thinking and refusal to bend to Goons while being hit. I noticed that and immediately respected him for it. Hitchcock has been a bad ass since day one. So I won't elaborate. I hate to see you two fight. We respect you AL but we owe Hitchcock. I'm asking please just make peace and let's call it a day.
  9. I suppose when WC attempted to create a straw man which was made to side track from my original question which had to do with the war. Why don't you read before your post? My question was about this thread subject. WC's straw man wasn't'. Please stop jocking my nuts. You already look stupid with making all your threats of selling down and perma warring us. You have done nothing to make good on your threats. Your all talk dude. Your a coward and a pixel hugger, and now a liar. You belong where you are with the rest of the Doom Trash. Anyone with half a brain cell can see WC and then you took this off track. Because clearly your obsessed with me. Look how you jump on my every post. I own you doom puppy. Now bark dog.
  10. I didn't need a confirmation WC. Your side asked us to have a secret white peace. We said no, not with out peace for our friends as well. Then we asked you to just give us all white peace so we can be on our way. You said peace for aNiMaLz but not LN. We said no. What made you think we needed confirmation? Anything that wasn't clear was already cleared up in PM.
  11. Al...Al...Why are you doing this homie? Polk high alumni...Can't we all just make up here and have peace. I have known you and Hitchcock for awhile. We are all reasonable men. We are kind of linked together through our relationships with the Holy Roman Empire, and also we are both part of "No Ma'am". What do you say we all try to work out a peaceful resolution, have a few beers, and then welcome Hitchcock into the Chicago chapter of "No Ma'am"? Sound good?
  12. When is DK going to exercize their option to defend their friends in SNX? They were so quick to attack the family when we started lighting up, and humiliating SNX so you'd think when an even greater threat like the majestic Npo starts curb stomping SNX DK would do something about it. This my friends is cowardace at it's finest. The summit of shame. I love to see bullies who only make safe hits get cracked up. Although my wars with SNX/DK have nothing to do with Npo's beef with them the Npo's spanking of SNX, and the liar/coward Junka couldn't have come at a better time. Karma is truly a *mod edit* DK...so quick to hit when they are safe and out of range...So cowardly when they see an actual threat to themselves. I hope your "Doomlords" are reaming your a$ses right now for this pathetic display. Or have they become sweethearts now too?
  13. I beat the crap out of your garbage men regardless of their infinite funding while this pathetic house of cards still stood. What is funny about my promise of eternal war is that I declared eternal war on an alliance who could not survive the winter. o/ LPC
  14. aNiMaLz would love to tech deal with polar. Me and Fuego are friends and were tech partners for months. I'd love to rekindle that and start many new partnerships and my brothers in aNiMaLz feel the same.
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