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  1. Josephy Kony

    A righteous declaration of war!

    If by one of those people you mean a simple, peaceful but poor people then yes. We are only looking for peace in these times.
  2. Josephy Kony

    A righteous declaration of war!

    The eyesores of the country were appalling to the Lord's sensibilities, but we have relented. We are not prepared to face hundreds of nations. Our foreign affairs minister was unaware that applicants to this grouping of nations were entitled to military privileges. That individual was executed, as befits his egregious oversight. We are now prepared for peace, on the terms of the New Pacific Order. Hopefully everyone understands this was a minor trade dispute, we are a simple, poor people, only looking for resources to help our struggling population. We must think of the children in times like these.
  3. Josephy Kony

    The Congo seeking a trade circle, any color

    This barbaric lizard lesbianization is the type of behavior that leads nations to war! We can not, and will not abide by such blasphemy. You may take your resources and lizards elsewhere! We will find other trading partners, by force if need be.
  4. We of the Lord's Resistance Army do not, in fact, recognize these heathenous Lutherans.
  5. Josephy Kony

    A righteous declaration of war!

    The Congo is not prepared to fight hundreds of nations at once. We accept this offer for peace. However, we must denounce these unfair sanctions... it is cruel to inflict such economic measures on a nation. It is the innocent who suffer. We have the finest marble and water to offer... we are seeking trade deals, not destructive wars!
  6. Josephy Kony

    A righteous declaration of war!

    This is a concern between two sovereign nations... I can apply to join the NATO, but it doesn't mean the NATO wants me. If there is going to be other military backing involved, we are not prepared to face a larger force. We are not the irrational ones... WE are the forces of PEACE, and we have an offer on the table.
  7. Josephy Kony

    A righteous declaration of war!

    Even now, our intrepid commandant, Nixman Oryanga, has issued me this report from the front:
  8. Josephy Kony

    The Congo seeking a trade circle, any color

    We refuse to engage in military alliances with blasphemers. We seek only economic agreements.
  9. I, Joseph Kony, Supreme Leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, and the one true ruler of the Congo, Uganda, and others, hereby declare war on the Republic of Idaho! gold1218, I will make the world aware of your transgressions. After multiple generous offers of foreign aid and trade negotiations, this loathsome country has refused to engage in any form of diplomacy. This is unacceptable behavior for any nation. They were warned of the consequences of ignoring our generous offer of marble and water, and now they will be punished. Even now, loyal soldiers of the LRA are destroying the appalling infrastructure and heathenous defenders of Idaho. A total accounting of the damage follows: 4 tech DESTROYED 4 tech SEIZED 45 infrastructure DESTROYED 512 HEATHENS SLAUGHTERED $200,000+ SEIZED It is important that we SEIZE these resources from those who would use it for blasphemous purposes. The LRA suffered NO LOSSES during the righteous campaign. Our terms are as follows: We demand exports of cattle and fish. A formal log of diplomatic cables will be maintained here, for all the world to see. We are a transparent democracy, and carry ourselves as such:
  10. Joseph Kony of the Congo is seeking a trade circle. We are willing to switch to any color, any resources, so long as we can be included in the international community. It is a special cruelty to deprive a nation of desperately needed resources. We have fine water and marble to trade, yet we are rejected by our callous neighbors. We are willing to join any trade sphere, any international economic organization, to put an end to this disastrous economic depression.
  11. I apologize to everyone for this confusion. datcyber deviously manipulated this circle into going to black team so we would all join his alliance. Obviously this is absolutely unacceptable- this is an ECONOMIC pact only, and is not connected to any alliance. It is for nations to trade with each other independent of alliance or military obligation. As such, we have returned to green team as we try to build up this circle.
  12. Josephy Kony

    The Real Issue facing CN

    As new nations, we should be DEMANDING the most money for the tech! We are the ones building up sizeable empires through the labor force of our populations! How dare those established countries attempt to buy techn at 1.5mil for 100. This is an outrage!
  13. I, Sundiata Keita, through the strength of UNITY of the local tribes, have founded The Mali Empire. The great chronicler, Ibn Khaldun, has generously offered to begin writing a recollection of important events in order to document our current affairs and ensure they are carefully inscribed into the pages of HISTORY. His chronicle begins....
  14. I'm attempting to get some of my trade partners to switch to black. I will make the switch myself, datcyber, once you open a trade slot so we can initiate trade. I know there are many who question WHY we move to black. Black team has the most nations and therefore the most opportunity for trade. I know this clashes with our original plans, but I think this trade pact will be better for it.