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    Roman Empire
  1. Does RE have a Discord or anything like that? edit: I'm so out of the loop, but wanted to check-in and see how CN:TE is doing these days
  2. Okay, I thought that it had, too bad that seemed an exciting prospect Edit: I intend to post something more formal in the Suggestion Box, but I cannot think of an excellent reason not to provide these statistics for Standard given how highly useful they are! <3 (ooo yah maybe require a nation to be at least 50 days old to help cut down on file size or at least 20 days in a sanctioned alliance)
  3. I haven't worked with SE stats sheets before, but I was attempting to do so today when I discovered SE doesn't seem to have a nations stats sheet. Is this true? Or is it available elsewhere?
  4. nations can declare while in anarchy, making it so they can't is deeply frustrating to me
  5. have a good fight everyone and its nice to fighting LE without being blitzed first for once
  6. lol FatLord, you and only you I suspect
  7. funtastic times, if only I could keep declaring I could throw a few more of them into anarchy :*(
  8. I have noticed one update: nations cannot declare war while in anarchy. I cannot understand the purpose behind this and it seems to me to severely limit the game and provides a massive advantage to the attacking AA. This is simply for the reason that in my experience much of wars are fought from Anarchy as it is often impossible to avoid it (especially once things go nuclear) therefore when an AA blitzes it can totally incapacitate a nations ability to support other nations even if it has the resources to fight 6 wars at once it cannot it is stuck only playing defense and not able to assit o
  9. looking dangerous already @mythicknight -- o/ fire and blood, o/ targaryen!
  10. o/ TPC good luck this round : D: D: D:D
  11. congrats stelios! you'll do a great job m8!
  12. welcome may you find the rain of nuclear anarchy and pleasant and heart warming o/ and welcome to te
  13. *face-palm* o/ dogbite edit: also o/ orangepeel
  14. o/ BG & KJ o/ TPC welcome to Round 16
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