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    Roman Empire
  1. Does RE have a Discord or anything like that? edit: I'm so out of the loop, but wanted to check-in and see how CN:TE is doing these days
  2. shwypn

    Daily Statistics Downloads

    Okay, I thought that it had, too bad that seemed an exciting prospect Edit: I intend to post something more formal in the Suggestion Box, but I cannot think of an excellent reason not to provide these statistics for Standard given how highly useful they are! <3 (ooo yah maybe require a nation to be at least 50 days old to help cut down on file size or at least 20 days in a sanctioned alliance)
  3. I haven't worked with SE stats sheets before, but I was attempting to do so today when I discovered SE doesn't seem to have a nations stats sheet. Is this true? Or is it available elsewhere?
  4. I apologize if this is better put elsewhere, but as it doesn't relate directly to game performance I didn't think I should put it in "Report a Bug" But in the latest TE Nation Statistics download about 738 nations have "Aircraft" set to "2" & "Navy" set to "2" when at least a good number that I checked do not actually have 2 (since I"m one of those mislabeled) This is most likely some simple mix-up, but wanted to report my findings.
  5. o/ Pacific o/ GATO and best of luck in future I hope we nations nuke side by side one day
  6. shwypn

    Roman Empire

    A quick bump our new forums are located at http://www.rete.tk -- IPB Free has gone down so embassies and new applications go there!
  7. shwypn

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    COnfusion find me on IRC tonight and I'll see what I can do about automating the data for you.
  8. shwypn

    I'm coming for you.

    [quote name='Katsumi' date='07 June 2010 - 01:31 AM' timestamp='1275888657' post='2327488'] I blame AZTEC since they seem to be attacking you. And everyone near the top. And sanctioning people like me. [/quote] yes it is so kind of them to break the no sanctioning policy that has survived on blue for 3 rounds now? I hope it never comes to bite them in the ba dunk a dunk
  9. shwypn

    I'm coming for you.

    you get 'em Jim!
  10. shwypn

    Consequence Coalition

    o/ thai
  11. shwypn

    Consequence Coalition

    sorry for not posting individual DoWs, you can't blame me for Confusion's ineptitude
  12. I for one am thrilled, forward the order! p.s. OOC is a bit disppointed to see all the angry bickering...not surprised...but disappointed, you'd think one thread would be safe o/ Pacifica o/ comrade chuckles o/ the regent
  13. mmm donut of freedom....mmm manhattan project o/ chuckles o/ pacifica!!!!!!!!!
  14. shwypn

    Roman Empire

    je para la bumpa por round 11 Emperor Hoosierbud! Join us romanempire.tk & #re-te