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  1. -Complains about treaty web as a whole -Complains about specific treaties -Makes things up
  2. black people music as well. you know, black metal
  3. Inst, I don't think relationships of this type are the most common. In fact I believe they are frowned upon by western society. I know things are different in the east.
  4. did you swear in the presence of your grandma
  5. did you stay out past 8 o'clock
  6. did you read your sister's diary
  7. did you get a D on your math quiz
  8. did you refuse to do the dishes
  9. did you forget to take the recycling to the curb
  10. Perhaps your time would be better spent on your schoolwork.
  11. hahaha so many SF tears here
  12. Good matchup but NoR wins hands down.
  13. Ak47don ruined our streak by switching AAs. That doesn't count.
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