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  1. No Auctor, just pointing out the obvious. Voiding a peace treaty and going back to war over defeat alerts is stupid.
  2. What? Nord was asking you how to get back into the war? Your enemy was asking you how to attack you? You see why this all seems fake orchestrated drama.
  3. Alright. Sign a peace treaty and tell your active dedicated members that you are going to put them back in harms way to fight for the lazy useless inactives that do nothing for the alliance.
  4. Yes Auctor, let's all be outraged that useless inactives are under attack. ITT, the leader of Alpha Wolves defines them as lazy but keeps them on the AA. If they are inactive and lazy then the peace treaty should stand and an AA house cleaning of all useless lazy inactives should take place.
  5. This is interesting. Alpha Wolves inactives are active enough to let you know they were hit with a defeat alert. If so then they should send peace, accept peace, or buy soldiers and counter attack. Or Alpha Wolves keeps a daily record of all their nations' stats and know when nations were hit with a defeat alert. Something smells here. This fake orchestrated drama is stupid.
  6. Who cares about tactics. Results have greater affect if a long war actually happens. Oculus/Co. win and destroy Bones/Co. Bones/Co. leave the world. Oculus/Co./Top250 vulnerable. DBDC is even stronger without fighting. Bones/Co. win destroying Oculus/Co. top nations Many Oculus/Co. quit along the way. Oculus/Co./Top250 vulnerable. DBDC is even stronger without fighting.
  7. Re-unification :rolleyes: Not sure why SNX would want any of these worthless nations back. I wonder how this war would have turned out if it was SNX v AFRO.
  8. What happens in 3 days is NPO and Oculus upper tier run to peace mode or somehow this gets peaced out disappointing everyone.
  9. Chill with us. Each nation is responsible for themselves. No baby treatment. You swim or drown. Do your part and the alliance succeeds.
  10. ODN...I would bet it was ODN that first initiated the conversation about friends on both sides to STA. I would bet that ODN told NPO/Oculus that they would "talk" to STA about the coming war and act as if they tried to prevent it but could not. I am sure ODN is talking a good game to STA about how bad they feel about the situation. The ODN STA treaty is of strategic value only, not because of friendship. STA was sitting out there unconnected so the best thing to do with that NS is to tie it to that side of the treaty web. That is the only reason for the treaty. The treaty will never see
  11. Pacifica attacking TPF is the ultimate act of betrayal; it is truly a red wedding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9SIS6wBxpI
  12. Speed this all up and get DOW counters in today too or if you're going to find a way to weasel out of defending an ally, do that today too.
  13. The alliances trashing MI6 today will be the alliances allying MI6 tomorrow. I can see some version of unholy alliance sigs already. More R&D investment is needed to get these CBs manufactured more efficiently. One year waits are ridiculous.
  14. Somebody probably came up with a Halloween themed DOW and that is why this war is taking so long to launch.
  15. Sigrun, daily slots will change the behavior of less active players. I play in and ESPN league and I set my lineup for the entire week. I change it if I hear that someone went on the DL or is DTD or sent down to AAA. I set the lineup on Monday and did not even bother to check how my team was doing until Sunday because who cares. My players are pretty much undroppable so it's not like I will bench them or drop them if they are in a slump. Now with daily fantasy sports I play daily and am more active. I pay closer attention to pitcher batter match ups, what park are they in, and all sorts
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