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  1. All of this should be assessed privately. If you fail to meet your goals you open yourself up to more criticism and ridicule. Your intentions are solid, but you cannot really have universal this or that at any level of an alliance. Nations can be similar strength but have different needs. You should have small goals that nations can reach and where once they have reached a mark they go on to the next. For example something simple like: 299infra+harbor+foreignministry+fulltrades+basicnationsettings...a general road map from nation creation to where they would prepare to grow to WRC or EMP levels with the most important thing being emphasized along the way is a war chest no matter the size of the nation. War chests are the hardest to implement so it is something that needs to be done early or immediately when trying to build or transform a culture. Ideally where you want to be post war is right back or very near in infra level where you were pre-war so you can get back to where you left off in your nation building and eventually reach a point where you have all the wonders and rebuilding a war chest and raising tech levels is all you do post war. Every ruler is their own Emperor, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, and Minister of Defense. Any ruler that cannot manage their own nation which effectively requires being the 4 main Gov positions is worthless. CN is very much like life. People that want to succeed will find a way to do so on their own and achieve things faster when they utilize information that most alliance provide. Those that fail want to take short cuts (not read) god forbid they educate themselves. Immortan Junka, if I were you I would lay out a plan and let nations succeed or fail on their own. Otherwise you are going to grow frustrated trying to drag crap nations along that have no drive to achieve anything.
  2. ha ha, thanks for the heads up on the sig.

  3. Jaiar


    I hate to disagree with King Wally and everyone else but 11.11.11 was 2,000 years ago
  4. Who is in NEED of assistance right now? This is just another poor attempt of a cAlLoUt to try to get the war to expand
  5. What about limiting nuclear weapons to 1 per 1000 infrastructure? Current 25 nuke holders would keep them but would only be able to buy back to whatever level they have. To code it probably do something like the improvements where you can have all the improvements but if you lose infra and delete improvements then you have to buy the infra again to a point to be able to get them all again. I do not like the tech degrading idea at all. Money, Tech and Land should be raided and not destroyed. Make tech like land. Also make land be able to be sold in $/tech/land/soldier deals. Have spy ops destroy money, tech and land. End tech dealing. Make nations have to purchase tech. Increase the nation strength factor of tech from 5 to 10. Cut the cost of tech in half or maybe even by as much as 1/10th to allow some catching up by nations that don't have anywhere near 10k+ tech.
  6. I hate the system of tech selling. I want so bad for an alliance to grow because its members care about the alliance and not about their own nation. 1. Grow enough low tier nations to 3999 infra. 2. Each low tier sends tech every 10 days / 250-300 per month 3. Each top tier nation should be getting 900 tech per month. Have large nations so they don't have to go to peace mode in every war. Have a system that will replace that tech quickly so that those large nations don't have to hide in peace mode during war time. It's really not a matter of giving Admin suggestions to fix the game. An alliance or even a bloc should be having all 3999 or so nations sending tech to all large nations. In a war you're going to have your hands full at the top tier or it will be you that enemies worry about. Alliances or Blocs should be building as many 100k NS, 8k-10k+ tech nations as they can. Tech deals suck. Have it be automatic where large nations only receive tech and tech bankers send tech.
  7. Jaiar

    Sup Polar?

    Part of the problem is also that people do not know how to build a strong alliance in game. Traditional banks are out dated. I have no idea why people use peace mode for their large nations. The wave tactic yes, but to protect them? Those large nations should be out fighting and damaging the enemy as much as possible. Alliances need to move past large infra high money making bank nations. Winning wars is about having the tech to deal out punishment. If you can build up your alliance tech quickly then you can be a major player. I love NPO but they completely ignored what I suggested. (Now they'll say I was horrible, whatever). Anyways, Unimatrix should have been assigned to have nations 1-80 only receive tech and nations 81-400~ be sending tech to nations 1-80. From June 1 to today October 7 those nations could have built up approximately 3,600 tech each or 288,000 total tech. Why can't NPO fight? Low tech from 1-80 when you compare them to Umbrella's 1-80. NPO would have a top tier 1-80 with all nations having 6,000+ tech by now. They didn't listen :shrugs: Tech Banking Nations is the way to go. Get yourself an active lower tier to feed tech to your upper half and you'll be as strong as Umbrella. If your members are loyal then they should have no problem sending 250 or 300 tech every 10 days to the upper tier members in their alliance. People don't activate treaties because they have failed at building their alliances. Have a great low tier and you can unleash your top tier during every war and not worry about them getting destroyed. When the war is over they will just back collect and begin rebuilding that tech quickly. The small Tech Banking Nations would stay at 3999 and just send tech every 10 days, build up whatever war chest they can, and buy wonders. As growth allows, they could be moved up to the top tier to be a tech receiving nation.
  8. Jaiar

    So, Invicta?

    Patience. You act as if 3 day is 3 weeks. I'm sure a curb stomp will develop. Invicta, meh. I cannot see Polar resisting coming in. They will have an F-it attitude and roll and be rolled.
  9. I'm going to say this one more time in the hope that someone actually reads it.It does not matter how many times one has re-rolled. It does not matter how many times one has played. What matters is whether or not one joins an alliance that genuinely encourages growth.Also, please don't try your hand at neologisms by typing 'alot'. Every time you do that you shave days off of the life of anyone who has ever taught English. You're wrong. neologisms...you try too hard to make yourself more than you are; you should stick with photoshop
  10. I deny it. My (current) nation is eighteen months old and I have fourteen Wonders.If new players are unable to grow quickly and start buying Wonders a couple of months after signing up, they're in the wrong alliance. Your current nation. You have the experience and that has alot to do with how fast your nation has developed. A player that just heard of CN today would not be able to develop their nation equally to yours no matter what alliance they joined. They could be here two years, learn, then leave, then return and in 18 months they could be you and say their current nation has 14 wonders in 18 months. Well, duh it should the second time around. @Magicman - Part of the problem is CN is boring. The politics are old and boring. References to crap that happened the first few months of the game. There are still thousands of players left in this game and it would be much more enjoyable if people could actually play the game rather than join an alliance or die on none or peace mode. Offensive slots should be unlimited or stay as they are and defensive slots should be a maximum of one with peace mode being an option one day after a war has expired. Example: last day of war is September 15, September 16 is stagger day with enemies having to attack, September 17th the nation can escape to peace mode if it is not at war. The problem has and always will be predetermined results. I guarantee you that many more nations would go "rogue" and stir things up if nations only had to face one defensive war at a time. Yet, current large nations and the powers that be will shrink from such a proposal because it puts their nations and alliances in harms way. This game is easy to adjust. Admin just needs to do it. What's the worst that can happen? Another 1000 player leave? That's happening with doing nothing so might as well have players leave with all sorts of changes being implemented.
  11. Bro Tip: Don't mess with Sparta anytime soon or you will be impaled by their awesome chart.
  12. What is actually wrong with Jeremy Maclin? They're being secretive about his illness, why?
  13. That's a big ass iPod you got there.
  14. You're not back until you're back. I was hoping for a show link in here, disappointed. Only post when you actually have a show link from now on
  15. Congratulations on moving everyone to the new AA. Historic AAs should be respected and I am glad you will be protecting them from misuse or ghosts. Should be close to sanction soon as well, congratulations on that too as it is only a matter of time.
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