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  1. If you have mirc just go to favorites(tab on top) -> Organize Favorites -> Add -> insert necessary info, including password
  2. It'd be attacking Paraguas if that were the case. I don't give a !@#$ about GOD
  3. I'll call up Vlad to protect my assets that are currently under attack by GOD.
  4. It shall remain a mystery
  5. April Fools or not, I'm going to nuke Gopher
  6. NG is going to pillage your nation now that you have suggested nukes.
  7. Zoomzoomzoom

    What Music?

    lots of black people music
  8. My Final Four: Kentucky, Florida State, Marquette, Kansas
  9. I'd yell at a significant other for making me read something this long. Guess it isn't for everyone
  10. PC also helped against Kim Jong Il. And don't you forget it! In reality though, any fight PC got because of random GOONS rogues was a gift to us. Something many people failed to understand.
  11. Probably PC/Rok in bipolar, but the stats weren't anything as freakishly similar as TFD/Legacy right now.
  12. The guy must be getting bored in peace mode. It is his entire point in this game.
  13. Zoomzoomzoom

    Mr Admin

    You have something brown on your nose.
  14. Why'd you buy the SDI before the MP
  15. Congrats on your upstanding nation building skills.
  16. and we truly appreciated every single one
  17. Zoomzoomzoom

    MEAT/SPAM stats

    USN can feel free to throw its votes toward Michiel de Ruyter
  18. Zoomzoomzoom

    MEAT/SPAM stats

    Emperor Whimsical - I think you mean motion of the ocean. And our motion appears to be attracting more voters Must be our dashing good looks and charming personality. Omniscient1 - MK's average being higher isn't that surprising. They were at one point a very stacked alliance with over 200 people. They may have dwindled in size, but they have had just as much time to rebuild as anyone else. They have also maintained amazing leadership and organization. NG actively recruits so we're going to gain noobs plus the occasional ghosts.
  19. Zoomzoomzoom

    MEAT/SPAM stats

    So we can gather that MEAT is superior in every single way? Less nations on maroon but still more votes
  20. In this blog CSN tries to forget it is run by Xiphosis.
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