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  1. Wait, people are still trying to act as if EQ was some unified and competent blob? okay
  2. I'm looking for a new avatar. Would you offer me some suggestions?
  3. The real joke is arrnea holding a position worthy of even making an announcement
  4. As a future educator of America I support the wholesale slaughtering of children's online personas. They should be spending more time on their studies and away from the computer screen. God bless you Mushroom Kingdom.
  5. Some of you people are just fucking ridiculous
  6. May this next stage in TIO's history place an emphasis on proper nation building, coordination, and warchest stock piling.
  7. While I appreciate the actual declaration of war, it is still nonetheless amusing.
  8. Good luck convincing NPO and IRON to allow this since ya know, their ally is doing it as well.
  9. If it were done to any other person then perhaps people would care.
  10. *thinks having 25 nukes is essential for declaring wars on the numerically superior side* xfd get out of here
  11. Idk, I'd have to log in to check.
  12. lmbo Please tell us more about your great sacrifice, your 5 members in anarchy, and your 76% full nuclear stock pile.
  13. It was the honorable thing to do ofc.
  14. Well someone from Argent had to declare at least one war.
  15. How do some people play this game for years and understand so very little.
  16. The same could be said for quite a few alliances on your side as well.
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