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  1. If you want to do top tier nation fighting then that is what SE is for. Also wars in which everyone has the same exact stuff because everyone is maxed out is boring. Wars in which people have to choose which units they want (i.e. early game play) is far more exciting strategically.
  2. I'm bitter about not getting a flag. Never claimed otherwise. But you are plain lying in your post here. The only thing that RE was better then me at was not getting nuked late in the day (its not a coincidence that every RE nation got nuked early). I'll state it once again. If I had sat on my hands for a month and I had engaged in the same type of behavior (dealmaking) that RE did then I would have finished #1. Some competence you got there :rolleyes:
  3. Cuz I'm nice. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/11169-the-amazing-sanction-race/page-2053#entry3114858
  4. wars in the early game are actually higher stakes then later game wars to anyone with foresight.
  5. Great to here. Those rewards are very generous. I was hoping for a big change thought in terms of game play. We'll see how the navy changes go.
  6. I've already won more rounds then you have. I don't think I have anything to prove. Nor have I stated anywhere that I care what you think. I am merely responding for everyone outside of RE and SUN because alliances that play a certain way should always get what they have coming in the next round. TFK got it this round. TPC before that. RE before that. etc. etc. edited - for was the word I was looking for.
  7. Any formula can be gamed. That's why they call it a game.
  8. late game play is more boring then early game play. I am no exactly opposed to try it out for a round though.
  9. A deal I am referring to involved a certain RE member Shaun Mason and a certain Misfits member. :o
  10. Seriously go get some air. Let it go. We'll meet next round if you decide to play. We shall see how competent you are then.
  11. You should calm down and get some air. And no, I don't agree that if no one hits you that you are competent. I also don't agree that dealing with certain alliances to get nuked early in the day is competence either. We clearly have different ideas of competence.
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