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  1. If you want to do top tier nation fighting then that is what SE is for. Also wars in which everyone has the same exact stuff because everyone is maxed out is boring. Wars in which people have to choose which units they want (i.e. early game play) is far more exciting strategically.
  2. I'm bitter about not getting a flag. Never claimed otherwise. But you are plain lying in your post here. The only thing that RE was better then me at was not getting nuked late in the day (its not a coincidence that every RE nation got nuked early). I'll state it once again. If I had sat on my hands for a month and I had engaged in the same type of behavior (dealmaking) that RE did then I would have finished #1. Some competence you got there :rolleyes:
  3. Cuz I'm nice. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/11169-the-amazing-sanction-race/page-2053#entry3114858
  4. wars in the early game are actually higher stakes then later game wars to anyone with foresight.
  5. Great to here. Those rewards are very generous. I was hoping for a big change thought in terms of game play. We'll see how the navy changes go.
  6. I've already won more rounds then you have. I don't think I have anything to prove. Nor have I stated anywhere that I care what you think. I am merely responding for everyone outside of RE and SUN because alliances that play a certain way should always get what they have coming in the next round. TFK got it this round. TPC before that. RE before that. etc. etc. edited - for was the word I was looking for.
  7. Any formula can be gamed. That's why they call it a game.
  8. late game play is more boring then early game play. I am no exactly opposed to try it out for a round though.
  9. A deal I am referring to involved a certain RE member Shaun Mason and a certain Misfits member. :o
  10. Seriously go get some air. Let it go. We'll meet next round if you decide to play. We shall see how competent you are then.
  11. You should calm down and get some air. And no, I don't agree that if no one hits you that you are competent. I also don't agree that dealing with certain alliances to get nuked early in the day is competence either. We clearly have different ideas of competence.
  12. Good luck to all parties involved. RnR is one of my favorite alliances so I am not said to see them leave XX.
  13. @ Samwise. Even if I grant you that your first war was a test run. You then fought a second easy war against Vexilodge + UPN. I have my doubts that a war with TPC would have happened if TPC hadn't made the first move but at least you fought one tough war and 3 total wars which is more then I can say for some others... I've made my point here. Props to the alliances that are truly trying to make the game fun. Shout out to TPC for 5 difficult wars including a suicide run at the end. Shout out to Hellas who always give it their all in every war. And of course shout out to my own alliance who got to declare one fair war (Props to TFK for dealing out massive damage) outside of two down declares against us. Huge Middle Finger to RE who makes it a point to war dodge every round and SUN who decided to sit on their hands along side them for the last month. Wag of my finger to War Doves. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for one round, I hope to see better things from you next round.
  14. How many alliance wars did RE fight? How long before the end of the round wars did RE sit on its hands? The answer to the first question is 2. The average was in the 3-4 range. The answer to the second question is 1 month. No other alliance sat on their hands that long. If I dodged war that long and made slimy deals (which I have confirmation of) at the end of the round then I would have not only finished in the top ten but I would have finished higher than any RE nation by a big margin. Some competence you have there.
  15. Yes you should have. Or at the very least, grouped us with someone to make it seem fair. You fought two easy wars and one tough one. You won all 3 to your credit but your war choices tell us who you are. You are in slightly higher regard then alliances like RE and SUN but only slightly.
  16. Casualties have a lot to do with what infra level you are able to buy to. By sitting on your hands you were able to buy a good amount of infra to sustain more casualties at the end. If I had sat out the whole round in order to flag run I could have probably finished pretty high in casualties myself. The only indicator of war dodging that is relevant is the amount of wars you fought, at what time and against whom. Seeing as RE and SUN fought less wars then every other alliance worth talking about, I'd say you fit the bill pretty well.
  17. And if you are in one of the aforementioned war dodging alliances do me a favor, take your donations and flags and stay quiet. You know you skirted war on purpose and it worked. Take the hate that you deserve.
  18. Don't insult my intelligence by calling UPN + Vexillodge an up-declare when you doubled their nukes, had 2k more avg. NS and were fighting against badly prepared opponents. Technically an updeclare due to NS but it was such an easy war to pick out and you were more then happy to do it. You didn't declare one solid war all round which speaks volumes about the type of alliance you are that you have to rely on someone else to attack you to have a good solid war. If TPC hadn't declared war on you, in all likelihood you would have done another easy war.
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