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  1. Letting me (Rank #3, 31k ns) hit #253 (like 3.5k ns) seems perfectly fair, admin implement pls
  2. Cause I have nothing better to do. Infra Lost | Infra Destroyed | Tech lost | Tech destroyed | Land lost | Land destroyed 6522.68 | 8773.73 | 950.75 | 1662.09 | 2902.988 | 4162.242 My personal totals, as of 9:33pm, last day. Not going to go higher as I'm broke (lel) From IRC logs: [21:53] <@KingJamesXVIII> Therm, I know you are away, but make sure you give us casualties [22:09] <@KingJamesXVIII> You are generally unable to make updates now, right? Number of Soldiers Lost in All Wars. 332,449 Attacking + 380,358 Defending = 712,807 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #11 of 433 Nations (Top 2.54%) I think I did ok
  3. Message: The Purple Team senate proposal titled Health and Well-Being has passed. The effects of this proposal have gone into effect immediatley and will remain in place for a period of 30 days. Click here to view and post comments.
  4. Suggestion: infra nuke destroys more tanks tech nuke destroys more plans land nuke destroys more navy srs cause theres no reason ever to use a land nuke atm
  5. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=544905 This guy still owes me tech from shield. If you have reliable sellers, I'll take 3.
  6. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/blog/1/entry-3790-tournament-round-26/ Historically, admin is not very good at updating the information index or game update log :p
  7. http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000090 this guy ditched Skaro btw
  8. ns and infra are mutually exclusive, 5.1k infra tops infra and soldiers go hand in hand money spent -> money collected, this is so laughably from the others
  9. gaps between good buildings and great builders will be even more obvious
  10. "most of us" meaning maybe 5 people out 500 each round win flags. Sure, tpc's dominance of flags might be the recent trend, but older players might remember G6/DR/Anonymous and them taking most of rounds like 16-20. Whats wrong with the same people who currently win the rounds being able to win rounds under the new scoring system? People who win the current rounds are some of the best builders, and every statistic that we track is aided by building well. You can't get casualties, do damage, or have lots of NS without being able to build correctly.
  11. Most of us don't win flags either, so nothing wrong with a high benchmark for points.
  12. So you get points for things about your nation in various categories - casualties, ns (maybe broken into infra/land/tech), total destruction dealt out, total cash collected maybe (skews wonders but whatever lets throw this in here anyway), etc every nation gets "points" based on how well you score in various categories, and prizes are given out by whoever has the most points. i'm not actually sure if scoring should be based on benchmarks (ie 300k casualties gets you a point, 400k gets 2, 500k gets 3, etc), or based on relative to others (most casualties gets 5, 2nd most gets 4, etc) (numbers can be scaled) also not sure if prizes should be given out on benchmarks (10 points = x donations) or top scoring guys get prizes also not convinced this is even a good idea, but hey its a new idea
  13. total destruction is literally the same thing as MDW/biggest ns, its all about saving money
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