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  1. as far as I can tell this was just the treaty web bringing us in (and a few other reasons, I am generalizing with little knowledge :P) so according to the wiki the main cause for this massive war was umbrella slot filling puppets? there has to be a deeper reason then that. I mean if that is the reason, that is a lot of people upset about one nation...
  2. To me, I just see this as a notice saying that Liz will be ZIed and stuff... So she spied on us? meh... we are just announcing the punishment.
  3. [quote name='Ronjoy Sholokhov' timestamp='1340170046' post='2989815'] I do find them harsh. But then the ball is in MK's court. They have the right to hit it the way they want to.. [/quote] We are gonna hit it were we want, and until the leaders of the AA's come to represent their alliances on the battlefield, nothing will change. Why so peace mode Liz?
  4. Dont know if these have been posted yet... [img]http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/4627/oyababy1.gif[/img] [img]http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/4076/grinchsig2.gif[/img] [img]http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/279/superfriendslocker.png[/img] [img]http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/7355/biodave931.png[/img]
  5. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1339978729' post='2986748'] please do, good to know you plan to keep MCXA in check did you just no u a post pointing out someone else's no u? [/quote] no u Really... I think he did
  6. Hmmm ok, Ill just tell him no then.
  7. well, what I am wondering is that my brother lives permanently at one of my parent's houses, and I switch between the two. So I would be, using the same IP as him for a week, then a different one for a week.
  8. [quote]24.) Why doesn't DEFCON influence military performance? DEFCON is about defensive readiness, allowing you to purchase more soldiers for a cheaper price, but also at the price of decreased Population Happiness. Defcon now increases military performance, with a better performance rate at lower defcon levels. [/quote] Wait, what? So defcon doesn't increase military performance, but at the same time it does?
  9. My younger brother wants to play cybernations after seeing me play it for a month and a bit now. I live at one of two houses, (thus using two IP adresses) and we switch houses every week. Would it be allowed that he play, considering that he would only be active at one IP adress, and never interact with me? Edit- realized that at some point we may use the shared family computer...
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