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  1. CN keeps giving me a "transaction error" when I enter in this: http://www.cybernations.net/national_wonders_map.asp?Nation_ID=247512&Location=Mars&Type=Base&lat=-53&lon=-82&VALUE=AE26B5F6BB; Is there something wrong with my URL formatting?
  2. Link to my nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=247512
  3. I've noticed that CN is more about politics than actual nation stimulation. Perhaps someone can create a banner that attract people who like to play politics.
  4. I remember trying to draw a treaty web about two years ago. At least 5 treaties were changed and a bloc was dissolved before I was even 1/4 done with the map. I'm pretty sure it's throughly obsolete by now, if I can find it.
  5. And I remember those days when people torched me for my propoganda...
  6. My SDI only blocked one freaking nuke during a 7 day rogue-hunting season. And each nuke chipped off a good 1 K of infra. To add insult, he also repeatedly successfully spied me (DEFCON and Threat level adjustments) and only lost 20 spies.
  7. Hi guys. *Looks at the world map* Christ, looks like someone went land-grabbing spree...
  8. The worst ones are those that spill over from the intra-alliance forums, and/or if they cause someone to leave or be attacked, and espicially if an entire alliance gets rolled. That's when you know something is up. I remember in a previous alliance that I was in, the week that I was suppose to join, it was getting curbstomped (around 20 vs over 300) by three significantly larger alliances due to personal conflicts that started about 2-3 years ago, between the alliance leader and someone else. Let's just say that the two rivials used to be in a same alliance (now non-existant) before th
  9. Last night around 10:00pm to 11:00pm Wendsday, I conducted naval operations against lebubu, and rebought 7 ships. Today, the limit on my purchases was 7/8 and I could not launch naval attacks against lebubu, because apparently 8:00am Thursday was the same day was 10-11pm Wendsday. "You have already launched 3 naval operations today. Your naval crews are not prepared to conduct additional operations at this time." I do not have the sent messages to exactly date my attacks since my opponent routinely deletes them.
  10. A traditional alliance DoE. Then DoWs sometime later. Your alliance DoWed just as it declared its existance. That's not a normal case. And thus deserves a non-normal treatment.
  11. Not our problem that you choose to accept nuke rogues that are/were in war against TDO, Terran Empire, or Green Old Party. That kind of stuff caused wars in the past. Also, I don't consider the DumbBird alliance as an alliance. You're just a band of rogues.
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