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  1. My SDI only blocked one freaking nuke during a 7 day rogue-hunting season. And each nuke chipped off a good 1 K of infra. To add insult, he also repeatedly successfully spied me (DEFCON and Threat level adjustments) and only lost 20 spies.
  2. So, towards the end of the recent war, I went into economic-mode due to depleting my warchest. I was unconcerned about being attacked as long as I maintained some nukes and stayed in the 60K NS range. Today, I just happened to look through my nation's info page, scroll down, and noticed something unusual. 5 Guerrilla Camps... And I had already done a mini-infra jump from around 3.5K to 3.99K a few days ago.
  3. Griff, you got any suggestions of who should run the show?
  4. No amount of OWF propaganda is ever going to influence an alliance's leadership or their "Ministry of Truth" staff... Let them learn from trial by fire. If a 3rd degree burn isn't sufficient, then let them run into the fire again and get 4th degree burn. If they still don't learn, well, 5th degree burn?
  5. Yet a lot of my classmates are still using Xbox 360s, and frown upon PC-only games. Many of the pre-built gaming desktops are priced excessively or have some funky hardware (32 GB of RAM and an i3), and that's not including Alienware. Home-built ones require research, and secondarily tinkering with hardware and self-troubleshooting issues. The only issue is that many people in my school aren't that into tinkering with hardware and are easily stumped by fairly simple software problems.
  6. Typically consoles are subsidized by charging game developers for each unit they sell, so they pass the cost onto the customer, aka, higher price tag. Based on details I've read about the PS4, it's using AMD's custom APU, which is a combination of an eight-core CPU (most likely clocked at less than 3 GHz) and a GPU that has a performance similar to the Radeon HD 7850/7870. Consoles have an advantage over mid-range gaming rigs because they have standardized hardware, which means that it's much easier to squeeze max performance out of them than thousands of different combinations of PC hardware. However, usually within 3-6 years, mid-range gaming rigs would be more powerful than the consoles through brute computing power. The PS3 and Xbox 360 have long outlasted their lifespan.
  7. HHAYD

    War Stories

    From 135K NS down to 68K after three rounds of fighting and currently almost done with my fourth one. Most of it was infra and land, but still.
  8. Where do I quickly access the War Details of other players?
  9. hey i suddenly remembered you from CNRP from a long time ago; how's it going?

  10. I recall seeing one of the semi truck's tire explode on the other side of the highway. The tire pieces barely missed a car that was somewhat behind the truck. I do believe someone's pants were soiled.
  11. Will there be any triple-teaming or backups, or are GOONS raiders are on their own if they hit the wrong victim (such as a nuke-armed one that mentioned "Raid and eat six nukes" in its bio)? Also, considering that you mentioned, "No reps", if a raider was to hit a member of a major alliance, such as GPA or VE, I'm assuming the raider is not responsible for rep payment. Correct?
  12. But did TOP not use the same reasoning back during the TOP-C&G war, and got burned, by YOUR ALLIANCE, and YOUR ALLIANCE'S ALLIES? Did your fellow members and allies' members not criticize TOP for the usage of the preemptive tactic and accused them of being paranoid? Did TOP not have to pay reps for the usage of the preemptive tactic? Is there a difference between the TOP-C&G and DH-NPO war other than the combatants? Nope, except the amount of numbers on both side, and which side received the reps.
  13. The "losers" often don't like to surrender when the "victors" presented them with not-so-reasonable surrender terms. Would you rather surrender after one day of fighting and pay $10 billion and 10,000 tech over a crappy CB, or fight longer and show the "victors" that you deserve lighter terms. In fact, didn't your allies also fought for long periods of times instead of surrendering quickly, especially FAN? Bend over or fight, seems that you prefer to bend over. EDIT: I seriously hope that isn't your alliance's policy. Surrender or run as soon as crap hits the ceiling. It really makes your alliance trustworthy. /sarcasm
  14. What's wrong with high reps? There's nothing more fun than silencing your opponents for a few months and forcing them into economical stagnation, then proceeding to trim them again and repeat the cycle. It's so fun driving people out of CN either due to boredom or frustration with high reps. /sarcasn
  15. You seem to have forgotten that Party B had to pick a lesser evil, an eternal war or unjust terms. Did the peace terms not require NPO's 1.8 million NS worth of fighters to step out into the meatgrinder where they would be triple-teamed for three weeks straight?
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